Lainesmead Primary School and Nursery

Strive, Achieve, Excel; Believe in a Limitless Future.


Nurture Support       


At Lainesmead, every child matters; All children need to feel safe, special, included, appreciated and valued in order to succeed. We want every child to come into school feeling happy, confident and safe, ready to embrace the day in our secure, caring environment.


In support of our vision to Believe in a Limitless Future, we have embraced the Thrive Approach in our school. When children aren’t in the right place emotionally, be this due to a friendship fallout, problems at home or a wide range of other issues, they are not capable of learning to the best of their ability. By supporting the children to acknowledge, understand and speak about their feelings, we aim to help them develop the techniques they need to overcome tricky situations that may occur throughout their lifetimes.



What is the Thrive Approach?


The Thrive Approach is a dynamic, developmental and trauma-sensitive approach to meeting the emotional and social needs of children. By identifying children who may need additional support with their social and/or emotional needs, the Thrive Approach ensures that no child’s well-being goes unsupported during their time in school.

As a Thrive established school, we are committed to supporting and encouraging the development of confident, curious, creative and capable children and young people who are open to learning and better equipped to deal with life’s ups and downs.



Thrive at Lainesmead


Miss Burt and Mrs Mann work with small groups and individual children to develop their social and emotional skills using games and activities designed to make learning fun and engaging.



If you have any concerns about your child’s social or emotional well-being, please reach out to their class teacher via the class email address.