Lainesmead Primary School and Nursery

Strive, Achieve, Excel; Believe in a Limitless Future.

British Values

We promote the fundamental British Values of:

Rule of Law
Individual Liberty
Mutual respect
Tolerance of those of different faiths


To promote these values:

  • Displays are established throughout the school promoting the values
  • Collective worship throughout the year focuses on each of the values in turn and many are repeated. They are also linked to our PSHE curriculum through the use of the Jigsaw scheme of work
  • Pupils are taught the values and reasons behind the laws that govern and protect us, the responsibilities that this involves and the consequences when laws are broken.
  • Pupils are actively encouraged and supported to make informed choices, to know and exercise their rights and personal freedoms, but safely through our e-safety policy
  • Our positive behaviour policy encourages tolerance and mutual respect, with restorative justice being at the heart of supporting those pupils who struggle to follow the three rules
  • We have an elected school council where pupils’ voices are heard to effect change across decisions made within the school.
  • We have prefect roles as well as senior prefects (Head Boy/Girl, Deputy Head Boy/Girl) who are ambassadors of the school, modelling the rules and values we expect of the children, staff, parents and governors at all times.


Furthermore, we have a weekly Celebration Assembly. This is to disseminate the ‘Certificate of excellence’ which celebrates how the children have shown the values of the school and how these have contributed to them being a successful learner. Only one a week is distributed and therefore children have to show that they have gone ‘over and above’ to be awarded the certificate.