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School Parliament

School Parliament  2023-2024 



School Parliament Members attend the Opening of the School's Reading Bus


The Grand Opening of the School's Reading Bus took place on 20th February.  The School Parliament had the honour of being the first pupils to go inside and experience this very special space.  Parliament members where completely WOWED and here are some of their comments: 

  • Isla "its very nice and a lovely surprise!"
  • Albie "It's just SO cool!"
  • Olivia "There are lots of lovely details included, like the huge TV and colourful floor."
  • Mia "I want to come back every break time to read!"
  • James "the bus is AMAZING!"
  • Harvey "It doesn't feel like school, it feels like a free time reading space and it's so comfy!"
  • Jessica "It's a lovely place to read and relax!"