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Here are some excellent articles to help you understand what it means to be safe on line. Also, there are articles that talk about social media trends. You can view the full site at

We have a new anti-bullying panel. They are a group of 6 children from years 4 and 5 who have had experience in bullying from a range of perspectives. They will be using this experience to help develop strategies to ensure that any bullying that occurs within Lainesmead will be recognised and dealt with in an even swifter and more effective manner.

Strategies the children will apply include:-

  • creating a whole-school ‘Bully Proof Shield’ which will contain the values needed to stamp out bullying;
  • creating a child-friendly anti-bullying booklet that will be found in each classroom book corner;
  • creating a definition for bullying that children can access and understand in order to recognise when bullying is taking place;
  • ensure that anti-bullying remains a priority within our school through displays and assemblies.

The Internet is an amazing invention that allows you to:

DISCOVER - travel the world without leaving your rooms by typing a landmark or postcode into Google earth and other similar software. Continue to learn outside the classroom by using some of the interactive educational games.

CONNECT - Stay in touch with each other in a variety of ways.

CREATE – Upload your own content for the whole world to see. Animations, podcasts or your own story!


In order to fully enjoy your online experience it is really important to make sure you are SAFE while using the internet. Take a look at any of these excellent websites to find out more about staying safe online.


One of the key factors to staying safe online is protecting your privacy. This is often overlooked and most Internet safety resources focus on the obvious aspects such as not talking to strangers online etc whereas we dig into what parents, carers, and educators can do to ensure children can enjoy the Internet safely.

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