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Play Leaders

Play Leaders 2021 - 2022

At Lainesmead, we encourage children to show our school values, such as resilience, co-operation and compassion at all times throughout the day. This doesn’t stop in the classroom!


One of the ways we try to encourage this is our voluntary Play Leader Scheme. This allows a group of 16 specially selected year 5 pupils to have the opportunity to lead outdoor games and encourage positive play (with plenty of curiosity!) for children of all ages. The Play Leaders meet regularly to create their own timetables, ensuring that everyone gets the opportunity to lead each game available on the playground. Activities range between ball games, co-ordination games, teamwork games, skipping, hula hoops and more.


Another of the aims of the scheme is that it will increase the amount of physical activity undertaken during playtime/lunchtime and reduce the amount of behaviour issues on the playground. Play Leaders are also specially trained to seek out children who seem lonely or too shy to ask to join in… We all play together at Lainesmead!


Congratulations to our 21-22 Play Leaders:

·         Lewis

·         Miles

·         Lexie

·         Shannel

·         Afia

·         Nadhish

·         Dale

·         Kenan

·         Corey

·         James

·         Reece

·         Amelia

·         Canerly

·         Tilly

·         Kate

·         Amelia F