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Design & Technology

As a school we have evaluated the gaps in learning for Design and Technology due to lockdowns and Covid.

For the learning that was missed or not fully covered please see relevant topic organiser.


Year 2 – Term 3 click on the knowledge organiser.

Year 3 – Term 3 click on the knowledge organiser (covered in term 4 when children came back into school).

Year 5 – Term 3 click on the knowledge organiser (covered in term 4 when children came back into school).

Year 6 - Term 3 click on the knowledge organiser (covered in term 4 when children came back into school).


These gaps have been identified and will be covered in different terms curriculum or already within the subsequent year’s curriculum, therefore, ensuring that all the necessary components are in place for future learning.

Curriculum - Design & Technology

Design and technology is everywhere and part of everyday life, so it is important to provide children with the appropriate learning opportunities to explore the technology around us. Design and technology has links with many areas of the curriculum and these subjects can make a contribution to the teaching of Design and Technology including; Mathematics, English, Science, Engineering, Computing, PSHE and Art


At Lainesmead Primary and Nursery School we aim for our children to produce practical solutions to real problems. It gives children the opportunity to develop skills, knowledge and understanding of designing and making functional products.


The learning opportunities can be divided into three main areas.

Investigative, disassembly and evaluative activities (IDEAs) These activities provide opportunities for the children to explore existing products and to gain skills, knowledge and understanding which can be applied in a design and make assignment.


Focused practical tasks (FPTs) Focused practical tasks provide opportunities to learn and practice particular skills and knowledge relevant to the task, for example evaluating materials that could be use for the design or evaluating the best way to join materials.


Design and make assignments (DMAs) A design and make assignment provides an opportunity for the children to combine their skills, knowledge and understanding to develop products that meet a real need.


Cooking and Nutrition

Food design and make assignment take place throughout the school as part of the teaching of design and technology.

To develop children’s knowledge and understanding of food further year 4 and year 6 have a series of lessons with our chef.

They learn where food comes from and use food from the school allotment. The children then learn how to read and follow a healthy recipe and take home what they have produce to share with their family.

Other year groups have the opportunity to have a one off lesson with our chef and taught the skills of safely using tools and techniques when following a recipe.


Examples of Design and Technology at Lainesmead Primary and Nursery School