Lainesmead News 12.10.18

Lainesmead Primary School and Nursery’s Weekly Newsletter
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Strive, Achieve, Excel: Believe in a limitless future

I was delighted to start our Headteacher lunches once again for this academic year with four of the Year 6 children – Nicole, Luke, Sudiksha and Aaron.  They have all been regularly placed on the Board of Recognition in their classrooms for following the school rules and displaying the school’s values.  They shared with me how they felt about being in Year 6.  As some of them are eagerly anticipating their residential trip to the Isle of Wight next week, they were very much talking about what they will be looking forward to when they get there.

I have been delighted to have many children show me their fantastic work.  Of particular note is some amazing writing completed by three of our Reception children – Florence, Theo and Isaac – who used their emerging writing skills to complete a message in a bottle after being stranded on a desert island! Well done to all three children.

Year 4 children thoroughly enjoyed their trip to Avebury at the end of last week which supported their Stone Age Boy topic.

Well done also to our football team who won their cup game yesterday on penalties.  There were 2 players of the match – Jamal and Connor.

Attended a Maths Focus Meeting.  Mrs Timbrell, the Maths Link Governors, worked with Mrs Saxby discussing the implementation of our new Power Maths Scheme as well as looking at feedback from this from both teachers and teaching assistants and also the children. They also looked at the children’s Power Maths Practice Books.  When looking at these teachers are asked to ensure that children complete the following:

  • Write a date that is underlined.
  • All lines are drawn with a ruler
  • Read and respond to the teacher’s marking
  • Put one neat line through mistakes
  • Only use a sharp pencil
  • Numbers are formed correctly
  • Work marked wrong is not rubbed out but written correctly again
  • Handwriting for written answers is neat and grammatically correct

As stated last week, the teachers gained a great deal from visiting other schools in Swindon on our TD Day.  They observed many features that we are working hard on in school.  Namely:

  • High expectations of the children
  • Children reading regularly at home and in school
  • Joined handwriting throughout all year groups
  • Children working independently
  • Clear differentiation with extension and support

Many teachers mentioned the number of workshops run by the schools also.  We are running workshops after half-term for our new Power Maths scheme.  Please do make every effort to attend as we know this will be invaluable in supporting parents with maths at home.

This week’s certificates went to the following children for amazing work, attitude and showing the school values:
Germany: Grace                                    France: James
Spain: Alfie S                                    Iceland: Maja
Canada: John                                      Russia: Lacie-Mae
Mexico: Layla G                                   South Africa: Ellie P
Brazil: Kai P                                         China: Connor
New Zealand: Kallum                             Australia: Sudiksha

Well done also to Canada class who achieved 100% attendance last week and Germany who had 98.8% attendance last week. Canada rolled the dice and were awarded 10 minutes extra play. Germany’s roll resulted in dance time!
Last week, three classes fell below the 96% attendance figure aimed for  – Spain, Mexico and China.  Please could we make an extra effort for the children to attend in these 3 classes to lift their figure above 96% once again.

During parents’ evenings last week your child’s class teacher may have informed you of your child’s below average attendance rate. This is because it is our role as school staff to report to parents on a child’s attendance and share any concerns that we may have about the impact of poor attendance or punctuality upon learning.

every school day counts


In assembly today we announced our new play leaders.  These children are trained by Mrs Dee in organising and running games/play outside at break and lunchtime.  They ensure that no child is left out or feeling lonely outside. Well done to the following children:
Janice; Montana; Kieran; Jamal; Karina; Catie; Lexis; Keith; Imrana; Lillymai; Lola; Lara; Tilly; Keziah; Sofia B; Macauli; Adiyath; Jaina; Rosie; Rudy; Eddie; Lexi; Kyron; Jayden; Max; Norisha; Beth; Julia; Amy S; Kai P.


We would like to remind you that it has long been school policy that children are provided with fruit or vegetables snacks at break time.  They should not bring chocolate or cereal bars into school to eat during this time. In Key Stage 1 and Early Years, children are provided with a fruit or vegetable snack free of charge but parents can provide one as well if they so wish.

fruit healthy snacks

Monday 8th October
Reception Parents Workshop – Interactive Learning Diary
Please note that this will take place in SPAIN class and not the Hut.

Friday 12th October
Spain Day (Spain Class)

Monday 15th October
Harvest Assembly – contribution towards Women’s Aid

Wednesday 17th October
Volunteer Parents Training (re-rerun of the training held in Term 6)

Thursday 18th October
Fabulous Finale – Y2 assembly
Gates will be opened at 2:30pm for all year groups (Years 1 – 6)
Parents will be asked to wait on the playground from 3pm as the teachers organise their classes for the end of the day

Friday 19th – Monday 22nd October
Year 6 Isle of Wight residential (Tuesday 23rd is a rest day)

Tuesday 23rd October
End of Term 1 – school finishes at 3:15pm

Wednesday 24th October

Lainesmead News 05.10.18


Lainesmead Primary School and Nursery’s Weekly Newsletter
Twitter: @LainesmeadSch

Another busy week here at Lainesmead!

Monday was busy day for all staff here at school with the teachers visiting others schools and then receiving training back at school.  I know many found it an extremely useful and worthwhile day.
Thank you to all those parents who have attended our parents’ consultation evenings this week.  It was lovely to see so many of you coming in to share your thoughts about how the start of term has been for your child/children.  The book sale was extremely popular.  We will be running this again in the Christmas Fair.

Met as a curriculum sub-committee with a very full agenda. After reviewing actions from the previous meeting we began by discussing our Home Reading policy which arose from the previous meeting. This is something governors are particularly interested to ensure is effective as reading is at the heart of successful learning. Mrs Mepstead shared news of the reading log relaunch, with particular focus on ensuring teachers regularly monitor the logs to thank parents who read with their children and challenge and support those who find this more difficult. If you have any views on this, please feel free to speak to any parent governor on the playground or via mail.

We also discussed a range of reports from subject coordinators sharing their vision, actions and impact on learning from last year. We all agreed these reflected a massive amount of work and congratulated staff on their clarity. As part of this, we particularly enjoyed an inspirational presentation from Mrs Baldry about her work as subject Leader for DT. The minutes will be available on the website shortly.

In addition, Alan Mulrooney and I, attended Head Teachers performance management training on Monday evening to ensure we are able to effectively review Mrs Painter’s targets for last year and to set new targets to ensure the school continues to move forward.

This term we introduced a new format to our parents’ evenings.  We wanted to hear much more from you, the parents, regarding how the children had settled.  We also introduced our new Home School Agreement. For those who have not been able to attend a meeting yet our agreement states the following:

We will:
·         Encourage children to strive, achieve and excel to reach their full potential
·         Develop children’s self-esteem
·         Provide a broad, balanced curriculum
·         Provide a safe environment that develops pupils independence and enhances learning
·         Communicate regularly with parents about pupils progress, achievement, attendance and behaviour
·         Provide appropriate homework
I/we will:
·         Make sure my child comes to school every day and on time
·         Phone the school to explain if my child will not be at school
·         Make sure my child is dressed following the school’s uniform policy
·         Make sure my child has the correct PE Kit in school
·         Share with school any concerns or problems
·         Follow all the school’s rules and policies
·         Attend meetings to support my child
·         Make sure my child reads 5 times a week at home and does their homework
I will:
·         Be safe
·         Be ready
·         Be respectful
·         Show the school values in everything I do
·         Come to school every day, on time, dressed in my uniform
·         Complete my homework, including reading 5 times a week

We would like to clarify the situation regarding extended pupil absence.

If your child is to be absent for 20 continuous days of unauthorised absence or the pupil fails to attend school within 10 days immediately following the expiry of the period for which leave was granted, parents will be notified in advance that their child may be removed from the school roll. In such circumstances the parent/carer would need to reapply for a school place via Swindon School’s admissions. A further placement at Lainesmead cannot be guaranteed.


On Monday 15th October, we will be celebrating our yearly harvest in assembly.  This year we have decided to pass any donations on to Swindon Women’s Aid.  If you can provide anything from the following list then we would be most grateful:
Long Life Fruit Juice    Coffee jars   Tinned Meat (Ham, Corned Beef, Stewing Steak)
Long Life Milk           Tinned Fruit           Tinned Fish        Rice & Sponge Pudding
Cooking Sauce (Pasta/Curry)      Tinned Potatoes      Breakfast Cereals        Sugar         Tea           Tinned Soup              Biscuits                   Baked Beans                 Pasta & Rice              Tinned Spaghetti, Macaroni, Meat Pie, Curry
Tinned Vegetables        Tinned Tomatoes

This week’s certificates went to the following children for amazing work, attitude and showing the school values:
Germany: Anushka                       France: Ibrahim
Spain: Isabella                                Iceland: Alimu
Canada: Conrad                             Russia: Kayla
Mexico/South Africa: Out on a trip so no certificates
Brazil: Agnes                                 China: Beth
New Zealand: Zara                      Australia: Evan

IMG_0490 (1)

Well done also to Iceland who achieved 100% attendance last week and South Africa who had 98.3% attendance last week.


Monday 8th October
Reception Parents Reading Workshop

Friday 12th October
Spain Day (Spain Class)

Monday 15th October
Harvest Assembly – contribution towards Women’s Aid

Wednesday 17th October
Volunteer Parents Training (re-rerun of the training held in Term 6)

Thursday 18th October
Fabulous Finale – Y2 assembly

Friday 19th – Monday 22nd October
Year 6 Isle of Wight residential

Wednesday 24th October

As you are aware, our policy is that children should be reading at home at least 5 times a week.  All children are provided with a coloured Reading Log Book in order to note down their reading throughout the week.

It has come to our attention that there is some confusion regarding how these log books are filled in and by whom.

Every time a child reads to an adult it should be noted down in the book.  Please note that the reading log book is not for noting other homework that the child might be completing.
Below is a sample from the front of the book illustrating how the book should be completed.

Sample Recording page

Lainesmead News 28.09.18


So much has been happening in school this week.
Huge thanks to those who came to our very first Maths Day.  It was great to see children sharing with parents the new things they had learnt about Times Tables.  Remember to log on at home to Times Tables Rockstars to keep up the practise!

IMG_1404 IMG_1403 IMG_1402

Year 2 and 5 were delighted by the visit of the Space Dome as well. Even though I didn’t have the pleasure of going into the dome, the “Woos” and “Aaahhs” that came from there told me how much the children were enjoying.
Our Year 6s visited Lawn Manor yesterday to take part in their Artsmad day, with a focus on the Performing Arts.  They had a great time.

Just a reminder that on Monday school is closed as it is a TD Day.

Attended our Safeguarding Audit and the Maths Days.  Here’s feedback from one of our parent governors, Caroline Mazzotta:
The safeguarding meeting was very informative.  It was good to see the school’s action plans in place and the ones going into place regarding the safeguarding of not only vulnerable children but for ALL children in the school. It was interesting to hear about the work that goes on behind the scenes and especially out of hours, for example the Designated Safeguarding Lead and Headteacher being on call out of term time, and the extra steps that are being taken to look out for vulnerable children. 

It was lovely to see all the children engaged and enthusiastic about Maths. I am looking forward to using the “Times Table Rock Stars” and encourage all parents to do so also – it will be refreshing to see the enthusiasm for this rather than “Minecraft” for a change.  I am looking forward to seeing, and sharing, the impact from using this will have on individuals and the school as a whole.

Do you know a family who still needs a space in nursery?
If yes, then please ask them to contact the school as we have spaces remaining in our newly opened school nursery.

Only need 30 hours but over 3 days? We can do this!

nursery flyer 1 nursery flyer 2file-2 file1

This week’s certificates went to the following children for amazing work, attitude and showing the school values:

Germany: Mollie Benjafield           France: Kaydon-Lee Bradford

Spain: Corey Compton                 Canada: Jai Saran

Russia: Sean Yates                   Mexico: Skylar Fernandes

South Africa: Federico Milea        Brazil: Lennon D’Souza

China: Amy Vasishat                  New Zealand: Munsif Xec

Australia: Luke Calixto Gama

cert of excellence 28.09.18

Well done also to Spain, Iceland and Mexico class who achieved 100% attendance as a class last week and rolled the dice to find out their class reward.

Although we have only recently started a new school year, some of you are thinking ahead to booking holidays for 2019. Please do check our school holiday dates first.
Our policy states that is a parent/ carer’s responsibility:
‘To take holidays out of term time’.
‘Parents DO NOT have the legal right to remove their child from school during term time unless the pupil is genuinely ill or the parent has received permission in advance of the absence. Requests for pupil leave of absence during term time should be made in advance and before any arrangements confirmed or money committed. Parents/carers should complete the appropriate form, which is available via the school website or from the school office.’
Please note that ‘If an absence is not authorised, parents/carers can be fined for taking a pupil out of school without permission.’
Thank you for your understanding and co-operation

Please could we take this opportunity to remind you that children should not be bringing into school their own footballs/balls.  We have a strict policy that football is not played on the playground before school starts.  This is to ensure the safety of all as the playground is a very busy place in the morning.  Thank you for your cooperation with this matter.

During our Parent Consultation Evenings this week, we will once again be running our Book Shop from the hall.  Parents pick up a bargain book – all books will be on sale for only £2. Every book is brand new and there will be a range of age appropriate books available. Remember, earlier this term, we stated how important reading at home is and the difference it makes in the long term to a child’s future life.


IPad Fundraising


As you are aware, the school, like many across the country has been suffering from budget cuts.  Unfortunately, due to government budget cuts, last year we lost £80,000 and had to make several redundancies. This year, our dire finical situation has continued and we are having to make further cut backs.

As a result of this we have set up a Just Giving Page to help us to raise money for some much needed equipment. We had been really hoping to be able to purchase a set of 15 IPad for the children to use to enhance their learning – not only in computing but in many subjects across the curriculum. If you are able, then please could we ask you to make a contribution, however small, to this cause.  Also, if you could spread the word amongst family and friends then we would be extremely grateful!

The link to the Just Giving page is:


Monday 1st October

Tuesday 2nd/Wednesday 3rd/Thursday 4th October
Parents’ consultation evenings – please ensure your attendance at this vital meeting

Tuesday 2nd October
China Day (China class)

Monday 8th October
Reception Parents Workshop

Friday 12th October
Spain Day (Spain Class)

Monday 15th October
Harvest Assembly – contribution towards Women’s Aid

Wednesday 17th October
Volunteer Parents Training (re-rerun of the training held in Term 6)

Thursday 18th October
Fabulous Finale – Y2 assembly

Friday 19th – Monday 22nd October
Year 6 Isle of Wight residential

Wednesday 24th October

Lainesmead News 21.09.18

This week we were delighted to welcome back the Royal Ballet to start their lessons with our Year 3 children.  A huge thanks to everyone who supported today’s Jeans for Genes day.  We will let you know next week how much we have raised.

This week, it was the privilege of Mrs Robinson and me to take 4 children, Omaree, Lillymai, Jamal and Zara, who completed the Prince William Award through Skillforce last year to the national graduation ceremony in the University of Birmingham.  It was a very early start but the day was fantastic.  The children were a real credit to the school and enjoyed every moment but special mention must go to having our very own photo with David Walliams, who was the master of ceremony at the event.  All awards were present by Prince William himself!


Been reading updated policies in preparation for the governors meetings which start next week.  Mrs Timbrell also attended the second part of the school Power Maths training.

This week’s certificates went to the following children for amazing work, attitude and showing the school values:

Germany: Bradley                               France: Robert
Spain: Afia                                             Iceland: Amelia P
Canada: Lucian                                    Russia: Lily P
Mexico: Julia                                         South Africa: Trey
Brazil: Utsav                                          China: William
New Zealand: Jude                               Australia: Karina

Well done also to France and South Africa class who achieved 100% attendance as a class last week and rolled the dice to find out their class reward.


Staff have just completed their second professional development meeting focusing on the implementation of our new maths scheme: Power Maths. The sessions have introduced the scheme to the staff and identified the key principles, which continues to build on the positive growth mindset and the belief that ‘everyone can do maths’ that the school had previously been working on.

Part of the session was focused on the use of CPA – concrete, pictorial and abstract representations. It is really important that all children have access to practical resources and are able to represent their thinking through pictures. This allows them to have a better understanding of abstract learning, which child often find difficult. We also explored different ways the children can represent their ideas and looked at using number lines, place value charts and part-whole model.

Staff can already see the benefits of the scheme. Quotes from staff:
“The scheme provides a clear progression and expectations that will develop consistency across the school. This will help the children to develop their learning as they will be familiar with the resources and representations.” Mrs Smith
“The scheme provides a variety of learning activities presented in different ways, which will challenge pupils and help all of them to reach their potential. The emphasis on the practical resources is a benefit to all.” Mr Tew

You can find out more about the Power Maths scheme by attending the parent workshops in Term 2. See the website for dates.

You may have noticed from our “Dates for the fridge” that we have a Maths Day each term this year. Each day will have a different focus throughout the year.  Our very first day, on Monday, will focus on Times Tables.

We will start with an assembly relaunching our Times Tables Rockstars and each class in Years 2 to 6 will be taking part in a school-wide Times Tables competition.  The focus on these sessions will be on personal improvement in times tables.

Throughout the day, the classes will be investigating all the amazing things we know because of our times tables as well as looking for patterns between the times tables.

We would love to have as many parents involved as possible.  Please join us at 2:45pm so that the children can share all of their amazing learning with you.

tt rockstars

Once again, I am launching my annual competition asking primary school pupils in South Swindon to design my parliamentary Christmas card.

The winning design will be professionally printed and used as my Christmas card for this year. It will be sent to many businesses, public sector organisations, schools, charities and community organisations and to councillors, MPs and Ministers. I hope the children enjoy taking part in the competition and I am looking forward to receiving all the entries.

Last year, I received many excellent designs and it took me some time to choose a winner!
The Christmas card competition is open to all primary schools in the constituency with the theme being ‘Christmas time in Swindon’
Entries should be sent to the Constituency Office, 29b Wood Street, Old Town Swindon, SN1 4AN before 26th October 2018

As you are aware from our previous communications following our Ofsted inspection, pupil attendance is a key area for the school to improve. In particular, for those children who are persistently absent. Our Attendance policy (which is available in full on our website) states that:

‘School may contact parents/carers if a pupil’s attendance is 95% or below.’ School will automatically send parents/carers standardised information regarding their child’s attendance rate and advise parents that their child’s attendance will be monitored by the school. If there is no improvement in attendance/punctuality, then parents/carers may be invited to attend a ‘School Attendance Meeting’.  Parents may be notified of attendance/punctuality concerns via telephone, face to face or email.

Furthermore, since the start of term many pupils have been absent due to routine dental appointments. Lainesmead attendance & absence policy states:
“Parents/ careers are encouraged to arrange medical/ dental appointments outside of the school day where possible, to ensure that the pupil is only absent for the minimum amount of time necessary for an appointment “

Thank you for your future support with this.



Monday 24th September
Whole School Maths Day – Parents are welcome in at 2:45pm to join us in a celebration of Times Tables
Reception Parents Workshop 9am in The Hut

Monday 1st October

Tuesday 2nd/Wednesday 3rd/Thursday 4th October
Parents’ consultation evenings – please see letter distributed today

Tuesday 2nd October
China Day (China class)

Monday 8th October
Reception Parents Workshop

Friday 12th October
Spain Day (Spain Class)

Monday 15th October
Harvest Assembly – contribution towards Women’s Aid

Wednesday 17th October
Volunteer Parents Training (re-rerun of the training held in the Term 6)

Thursday 18th October
Fabulous Finale – Y2 assembly

Friday 19th – Monday 22nd October
Year 6 Isle of Wight residential

Wednesday 24th October


world music owrkshop


Weekly Newsletter 14.09.18


It was amazing to see so many children dressed up for our Roald Dahl Day. It really was a celebration so his amazing books as well as encouraging a love of reading.

RD Day 1


As Chair of governors, it is my responsibility to oversee the setting of agendas for the forthcoming term. At our Term 1 meetings, will be focussing on (amongst other things): the school’s Rapid Action Plans to ensure actions from our Ofsted are underway and are impacting on standards across the school, analysis of last years end of Key Stage results and the use of TAs within the school. All minutes are published on the school website.

As part of my link governor responsibility, I was invited to take part in training for the implementation of the new Power Maths scheme which was introduced this term. The scheme aims to promote the belief that ALL children can achieve at maths (too often we as adults are prepared to say that maths isn’t our strong point. Would we be prepared to say the same about reading?)  It is based on the whole class learning together with speedy intervention for those children who aren’t quite there and promoting a deeper understanding for those who grasp a concept quickly. It very much promotes the use of apparatus and pictures to ensure children fully understand maths concepts. You may notice children spend longer on one concept but this ensures they have a solid foundation to build on.

If you would like to find out more, have a look at your ‘Dates for the Fridge’ where you will find parent workshops to enable you to become more familiar with this new way of working.


This week’s certificates went to the following children for amazing work, attitude and showing the school values:

Germany: Isabella                                    France: Anay
Spain: Avhan                                         Iceland: Freddy
Canada: Declan
Mexico: Mae                                          South Africa: Marianna
Brazil: Mavrick                                      China: Tilly
New Zealand: Alesha                                Australia: Oliver

Certificate of excellence 14.09


It is with much delight that we announced this year’s prefects, including the senior prefects’ roles, in today’s assembly.
Congratulations to the following children on becoming prefects: Avelyn, Ruth, Luca, Michal, Luke, Mustapha, Sze Ka, Cerys, Zara, Meryl, Casandra, Roshan, Mckenzie, Delisha, Jayden, Jude, Kamyla, Aaron, Josh, George, Sudiksha, Kavenayan, Daniel, Sophia, Ahmad, Maya, Josh, Evie and Emily.


Head Boys: Charlie Clack and Mohammad Hussain
Head Girls: Lysania Thananchayan and Nicole Montgomery
Deputy Head Boys: Oliver Clarke and Evan Probert
Deputy Head Girls: Alesha Khan and Zoya Hameed

head prefects

We are sure that they will enjoy their roles and flourish with their new responsibilities.


Thank you to all the parents who came to the end of our Roald Dahl Day celebrations and to listen to the presentation on the importance of Reading.  For those unable to attend the information is on the website and here is a brief summary of what was covered:

What is reading?
Reading is not just about ‘reading words.’
When we read, we are:

  • increasing our vocabulary
  • building greater empathy
  • developing a positive attitude towards reading
  • building our knowledge of the word around us.
  • making predictions and drawing conclusions.

Why is reading important?
Reading is important for building vocabulary and learning new words:
1 minute a day 8,000 new words a year
5 minutes a day 282,000 new words a year
20 minutes a day 1,800,000 new words a year

A good reader will be paid:
£21 more an hour                    £189 more a week
£756 more a month                 £9072 more a year

What can I do to help my child at home?

  • School policy states that children should be reading at home every day.
  • Fill in the reading log everyday so that your child’s teacher can see what your child is reading at home.
  • Take your child to join the local library.
  • Read signs/labels in the local environment.
  • Talk to your children about the books they are reading. Ask them questions

Reading Logs2017-kluwell-reader-family
This week your child will have brought home their Reading Log.  Record all reading in them.  Awards are given for the number of nights reading is completed.
At the front of the book, there is a page which explains how to use the journal.
There is a sample page and some ideas for encouraging reading at home.
There are also useful tips for what to do if your child makes a mistake when reading and tips for how to support your child when reading.


From Monday 17th September, Mrs Jayne Peer, our Parent Support Advisor, will be conducting our First Day calls and checking on latecomers from the school office.  She will continue in her role as PSA and as one of the school’s safeguarding team also.


We have formally welcomed our new members of staff.  Mrs Sanders is teaching in Iceland class, Miss R Griffiths in South Africa and Mr Alexander in Australia.  In addition we have some new Teaching Assistants.  Mrs Faircloth has joined as an SEN TA and we have four Nursery Apprentices who have joined also.  They are Miss D McShane, Miss G Childs, Miss L Collick, Miss A Scoble.

Email communications with teachers: Parents are kindly asked to email and messages will be passed on to the appropriate teachers.  Please do not email teachers directly.

Sadly, we have said goodbye to Mrs Clarke in the office this week.  She leaves us to spend more time with her family.  We wish her well and know that she will still be a familiar face at the school!


A number of parents have questioned the school’s policy of providing sweets to be handed out at the end of the day when it is a child’s birthday.  Due to the number of children with specific dietary requirements the school’s policy on this is clear – sweets or chocolates should not be brought in.  Many thanks for your co-operation with this.


Monday 17th September
Reception Parents Workshop 9am in The Hut

Wednesday 19th September
Year 3 Ballet begins

Friday 21st September
Jeans Non-school uniform – £1 donation.
Donations will be shared between the school and the Jeans for Genes Day charity


Monday 24th September
Whole School Maths Day – parents sharing time at 2:45pm
Reception Parents Workshop 9am in The Hut

Monday 1st October

Weekly Newsletter


Lainesmead Primary School and Nursery’s Weekly Newsletter

Twitter: @LainesmeadSch


It has been a pleasure to welcome back everyone to the start of the new school year.  The children looked so smart in their new school uniforms and have definitely come back ready for learning and to live our new school vision of ‘Strive, Achieve, Excel: Believe in a limitless future.”

It has been very busy in the school over the holidays with lots of changes made to accommodate the nursery in the school building.  Unfortunately, it has taken a week longer than anticipated but we are ready to start on Monday! We are very pleased with the results!

The final changes were also made to the office reception area.  Unfortunately, due to building regulations, the screen that has been installed fills the entire window.  Please be assured that this was not our choice or how it had originally been planned! We appreciate that this can come across as not very welcoming and this was never our intention!  There is a monitor to speak through that can be used.  If a private conversation is needed, this is possible as a small room is now available close to the office.  We understand that this is not an ideal situation but unfortunately, the regulations cannot be avoided.


Set the agendas for this term’s meetings.  The large focus of each meeting will be on improving outcomes for all children but particularly those who are in receipt of the Pupil Premium Grant. Governor attendance at the upcoming Power Maths training was also confirmed. Dates were also set for attendance at training events, in school events as well as dates for focusing on English and Maths attainment and progress.


We had a great response from the Summer Holiday homework.  It was great to see the photos of children taking part, whether they were emailed into the school or shared via Twitter.

The competition between classes was very close but the overall winners were:

Key Stage 1: Iceland
Key Stage 2: South Africa.

Both class have won £50 to spend on improving their classroom in some way.

We also awarded individual prizes in each year group.  The overall winners were:
Year 1: Gethin Mulrooney
Year 2: Lewis Jell
Year 3: Prajeetha Parida
Year 4: Holly Gibbs
Year 5: Jaina Arora
Year 6: Nicole Montgomery.

They will be receiving a voucher to spend in any way they choose!


In Move Up week we introduced our new Behaviour Policy to the children.  Here is a brief outline of the policy. But should you wish to read it in detail it can be found on the school website.

There are now three schools rules that we expect, children, parents, staff and governors to follow and demonstrate at all times.  They are:

    • Be ready
    • Be respectful
    • Be safe

In lessons, teachers will reward good behaviour and hard work with raffle tickets.  Work in books will be rewarded with house points.  All staff (including HLTAs, TAs, and MDSAs) can reward with house points with house points when good behaviour is noted around the school.

Every class will display a Recognition Board. The names of children following the school rules or learning behaviours specified by the teacher (e.g. putting hands up to answer a question) will be placed on this board during the day. Recognition Boards are refreshed on a daily basis.

If, for any reasons, children are not following the school rules, then a four-staged approach is instigated: Remind, Caution, Last Chance and Time-out.  Should an incident reach the fourth stage then a ‘School Rules’ form is completed.  Children who have 3 or more ‘School Rules’ forms completed in a week attend ‘How to shine class’ with the Mrs Painter, where the effects of the behaviour are discussed, a Behaviour Report Chart, including targets and a strategy to support the child is drawn up.  This is shared with the class teacher and with parents and monitored daily.

Should you have any questions regarding our new policy then please do not hesitate to contact us.


Earlier this week a message was sent out regarding the need for children to be provided with a water bottle in school.  To clarify, the decision to remove cups from the classrooms was to ensure that cross-contamination is reduced as cups are not washed during the school day.  Water bottles can be filled up in various places around the school.  Should a child have finished their water bottle, they would ALWAYS be allowed to refill it, especially during periods of intense heat, as we received in Term 6.

Water is always available at lunchtime, with cups being washed immediately for further use.  Children are allowed to bring in an additional drink to take to the hall with them to have with their lunch.


Today was the first time we handed out our Certificate of Excellence awards to those children displaying our school vision, the values and following the school rules.

The very first recipients of the certificates were:
Germany:  Thomas Strange                                         France: Himank Goel
Spain: Travis Chan-Nyangu                                        Iceland: Lewis Jell
Canada:  Taslema Ali                                             Russia: Archie Hogg
Mexico: Hashem Barim                                            South Africa: Arash Singh
Brazil: Aloy Rodrigues                                           China: Rosie Houghton
New Zealand: Mohammed Hussain                                Australia: Luca Baafi

Huge congratulation must be given to both Ella Thornton and Amy Simms from Year 5, who have both been awarded a 60th Anniversary special edition Blue Peter Badge.  These badges have only been awarded to children who already have previous Blue Peter badges.  Both completed online forms, showing new experiences they had as well as memories their parents had of Blue Peter in the past, including the infamous building of a model Tracy Island!


Dates were sent out via Schoop earlier this week and will be placed on the school website next week.

Thursday 13th September

Roald Dahl Day – non-school uniform day, dress as a Roald Dahl Character (no contribution required)
2:30pm – Parents join classes for their Roald Dahl Day – come and receive your free gift!

Monday 17th September
Reception Parents Workshop 9am

Wednesday 19th September
Year 3 Ballet begins

Friday 21st September
Non-school uniform
Donations will be shared between the school and the Jeans for Genes Day charity

Monday 24th September
Whole School Maths Day
Reception Parents Workshop 9am

Monday 1st October

End of Term 6 Newsletter


Today we introduced to the children the new vision for the school:

Strive, achieve, excel

Believe in a limitless future

As part of the assembly we shared the definition of each of the words in the first part and read quotes to inspire us to fulfil this vision.

To strive: “to make great efforts to achieve or obtain something”

striveStrive-to-be-Better-Quotes  strive-for-greatness-quotes2


To achieve: “successfully bring about or reach (a desired objective or result) by effort, skill, or courage.”

achieve your goals

If you believe, you can achieve. Inspirational quote at night sky background with palm leaf silhouette.

To excel: “be exceptionally good at or proficient in an activity or subject.”

download 49879dd2638aa97e140ab0b12565816c


This vision has been thought about carefully by many to ensure that there are high expectations of all whilst also showing that nothing is achieved without the hard work of striving!


As part of our new Lainesmead vision, we have updated our behaviour policy and this has been shared with the children in our move-up assembly. We now have three simple rules. If you ask your children, they will hopefully be able to tell you that they are:

    • Be ready
    • Be respectful
    • Be safe

We have also reduced the number of school values to 6 and these will all be talked about and celebrated throughout the year:

      • Respect
      • Cooperation
      • Resilience
      • Compassion
      • Responsibility
      • Curiosity

When the children work hard and are following the school rules they will be rewarded with raffle tickets in class. Each class will decide together what will be in their prize box.

Excellent work in books will earn children house points and maybe a visit to Mrs Painter or Mrs Mepstead!  House points will be counted each week and the amount of points will be shared in assembly. At the end of each term, the winning house’s children will be rewarded with a ‘Sports hour’ where they can choose and undertake a sporting activity.

Instead of our clouds and traffic lights, we have introduced a ‘Board of recognition.’ Children will have their name on the board by showing the school values and going ‘above and beyond’ what is expected.

Each week, one person from each class will earn the ‘Certificate of Excellence’ in celebration assembly – look out for these coming home from September. If your child brings one home it should be a really proud moment and something to celebrate!

Sometimes teachers may need to help the children learn to behave as we would expect at Lainesmead. They will:

Remind children of the expectations.

Give a clear verbal caution to make the child aware of the behaviour and the consequences if it continues.

Give a last chance.

Give time out – if this happens they will attend a restorative meeting with their teacher and you will be informed at the end of the school day.

If three or more school rules forms are filled in in a week, the child will attend ‘How to shine class’ with Mrs Painter or Mrs Mepstead. You will be informed and a meeting will be held with you and your child to discuss.

We are very proud of the children’s behaviour and intend our new behaviour policy to promote positivity and the building of relationships with a focus on teaching the children how to behave, rather than simply focusing on the consequences of misconduct.


This week we will be sending the children home with their exciting summer holiday homework – the best homework ever!  There are prizes for individuals with the biggest totals as well as the class with the biggest total.  Please do take part in as many of the activities as you can!

Here is a link to the website page for the homework



Attended the Pride of Lainesmead award ceremony as well as the Year 6 Leavers assembly.  They were very proud of the accomplishments of the children.

Dates for your Diary

Monday 23rd July

3:20pm: KS1 Meet the Teachers Meeting

Tuesday 24th July

3:20pm: KS2 Meet the Teachers Meeting

Wednesday 25th July

Year 7s Tea Party for children and parents of those leaving us for secondary school, 3:15pm – 4:30pm


Thursday 26th July




Breakfast Club

Breakfast Club fills up tummies and wakes up brains – just what children need to have a super start to their day!
From September Breakfast Club will be open every day term time only from 8.00am to 8.45am.

Breakfast Club gets your child’s day off to a great start; we offer a selection of healthy breakfast choices which provide energy right through to lunchtime.  After breakfast children are engaged in activities to wake up their brains such as board games, reading, drawing and colouring until 8.45am when they are taken to their classes by Breakfast Club staff.   You can book your child in to the club for a whole week or choose to attend on a daily basis according to your need.

The cost of Breakfast Club from September 2018 is £2.50 per day and payable via the ParentPay website. The club is free to children who qualify for free school meals due to household income or benefit status (referred to as Pupil Premium).

If you have any questions or would like further information about Breakfast please speak to the school office who will be happy to help you!

The L’After Club – paid after school care provision

We have listened to the views of parents and as a result from September the L’After Club will in term time only open on Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesday and Thursdays from 3.15pm to 6pm. On Fridays the club will open from 3.15pm to

The club moves to a new home from September which will be the port-a-cabin situated on Key Stage 1 playground.  This environment will be specifically set up for teaching use in the day and the L’After club each evening.  The cabin has its own entrance gate, toilet, kitchen facilities and enclosed outside play area.

Chef Luann will also provide a delicious and nutritious teatime meal every day except Fridays.

For full details on session times, costs and booking please speak to the school office.

Remember you will need to book your sessions for September before the end of term


On Thursday 13th September, we will be taking part in Roald Dahl Day.  The children will be asked to come dressed as a Roald Dahl character and will take part in many activities linked to the booked during the school day.  At 2:30pm, we would love parents to come in and join us for our end of day activities.

There’s a free gift to all parents who attend!Roald-Dahl-Day-childrens-charity

Dates for your Diary


Monday 3rd September

School Closed to pupils – TD DAY

Tuesday 4th September

Children from Reception to Year 6 return


Wednesday 5th September

Existing Nursery Children return

Thursday 6th September

New Nursery children start (Phased entry)

Friday 7th September

Brazil class (Y5) celebrate Brazil Day

Thursday 13th September

Roald Dahl Day – non-school uniform day, dress as a Roald Dahl Character

2:30pm – Parents join classes for their Roald Dahl Day – come and receive your free gift!

Monday 17th September

Reception Parents Workshop 9am

Wednesday 19th September

Year 3 Ballet begins

Friday 21st September

Non-school uniform

Donations will be shared between the school and the Jeans for Genes Day charity

Monday 24th September

Whole School Maths Day

Reception Parents Workshop 9am

A reminder that the TD Days for next year are:

Monday 3rd September                         Monday 1st October                              Wednesday 24th October

Monday 7th January                              Friday 19th July

School will therefore be closed to all pupils on the above dates.



Term 5 News

Term 5 News

The big focus of this term has been on end of Key Stage assessments. As you are aware, the Government brought in new SATs in 2015 to reflect the National Curriculum which was introduced in 2014. The new curriculum raises the expectation at the end of Key Stage 1 (Y2) and 2 (Y6), with the tests becoming more challenging as a result.

Year 6 SATs Week

The children were provided with a special breakfast throughout SATs week. The cooked breakfasts each day, all of a different variety, went down particularly well! All staff were extremely proud of the Year 6 children who have worked very hard not just in SATS Week but throughout the year. The children showed so many of the values of the school, particularly resilience, in tackling some of the more difficult questions.

Year 2 SATs

The Year 2 children have also been completing their SATs Test during May (there is no specific timetable for the Y2 SATS). The children have been brilliant in their attitudes to the test, a number even admitting that they found them fun! Again, expectations have risen as a result of the new national curriculum.

Children in Years 1 – 5 will also been undertaking assessments after the holidays which will form the end of year data for the school. Information regarding these will be shared with you in the end of year report as we did in November and March.

This term also saw us receive a 2 day visit from Ofsted. We are still awaiting publication of the report and will send this out as soon as it is available to us. This is likely to be after half term.


Screen Shot 2018-05-24 at 16.20.51 This month, all teachers have completed a session with their classes about the value of thoughtfulness.


You will recall that we have previously informed you of essential carriageway works that are being conducted on Upham Road by Swindon Borough Council. These road works are planned to start in mid-June. Information we have received from the council states the following:

“The works will last for approximately ten weeks. Sections of the road will be fully closed during the works, which will be completed in phases. Access to Lainesmead Primary, Holy Cross and Lawn Manor Academy, OK4U and Immanuel Church will be maintained where possible during the works. However, it will not be possible to park cars at or outside properties on Upham Road. The bus route will also be suspended during the works, with services being access via Queens Drive or Drove Road.

The Bus Gate at Queens Drive will not be in operation during the works and therefore access will be permitted via Queens Drive. This will increase traffic around the school. Therefore, can we urge you to take note of the double-yellow lines and the zig-zags and park well away from the school.”



Screen Shot 2018-05-24 at 16.31.02

We now have a local councillor involved in discussions on improving the traffic situation in order to ensure that children and parents can walk to and from the school in safety.

We are also issuing warning letters to parents who are not adhering to traffic laws and monitoring this very carefully. Once again, parking in these areas ENDANGERS CHILDREN’S LIVES!



Thursday 24th May – Fabulous Finish Afternoon

2:15pm – Year 3 Assembly, starting with a 10 minute presentation on E-Safety (please notethat these are different to last year’s)

2:30pm – Reception, Years 1, 2, 4, 5, 6 Fabulous Finish begins

Friday 25th May Last day of term 5. School Finishes at 3:15pm

Monday 4th June First day of Term 6 – Science/ICT week

Week beginning 11th June Year 1 Phonics Screening Week

Week beginning 18th June Sports Week:

Sports for Schools Assembly

KS1 – Sports afternoons 19th June

Years 5 and 6 – Sports afternoons 20th June

Year 3 and 4 – Sports afternoons 21st June

Years 1 – 3 – Skip2Bfit workshops – Wednesday 20th June

Tuesday 10th July Y6 Production afternoon and evening performance – more details to follow

Thursday 12th July Fabulous Finish Afternoon

2:15pm – Year 1 Assembly, starting with a 10 minute presentation on E-Safety (please note that these are different to last year’s)

2:30pm – Reception, Years 2, 3, 4, 5 Fabulous Finish begins (Year 6 are not be involved due to production)

Thursday 19th July – Year 6 Leavers Assembly

– End of year reports distributed

– Pride of Lainesmead Awards (KS2) at 6pm

Friday 20th July TD DAY – SCHOOL CLOSED

Week Beginning 23rd July Move Up Week

Monday 23rd July 3:20pm: KS1 Meet the Teachers Meeting

Tuesday 24th July 3:20pm: KS2 Meet the Teachers Meeting



March 1st Newsletter

Once again we have had a busy start to the term and have many things to look forward to between now and Easter.

Next week we will be introducing our value for March which is: cooperation

Please do talk to your child/children at home about the importance of this value and how co-operation can be encouraged at home and at school.

We are very much looking forward to taking the choir to Voice in a Million to perform in Wembley Arena next week and know that the children will learn a great deal about co-operation during their performance.

Since half-term, we have noticed a large number of children not following the school’s policy on uniform. Please could we use this opportunity to remind you that the uniform is as follows:

Boys winter uniform
A navy sweatshirt or jumper
White or light blue polo shirt
Black, navy or grey trousers
Black/brown shoes (not trainers)
Dark socks

Girls winter uniform
A navy sweatshirt, jumper or cardigan
White or light blue polo shirt
Black, navy or grey trousers or skirt
Black/brown shoes (not trainers or ‘Ugg’ type boots)
White socks
Brightly coloured socks, tights or hair bows are NOT acceptable.

On the last day of term before the half-term holiday, you will have received a letter from the Chair of Governors informing you of the budget pressures the school is currently facing.

You may have seen in the press that Lainesmead is not alone in facing these pressures, with schools in the Local Authority and Nationally facing the effect of budget cuts.

The minimum cut we are facing is £80,000 but it is likely to be far more than this. Therefore, there will be a change within the school. We will keep disruption to the children at a minimum and will continue to deliver the high class education the children are entitled to.

Budgets being affected in this way comes to us from the Government. Please do contact your local councillor and MP should you wish to add your voice to those across the country protesting against these cuts.

I am delighted to inform you that at the start of half-term, Mr Price, Spain class teacher, became a first time dad! I am sure you share our best wishes to Mr Price, his wife and baby Freddie.

I was also pleased to announce that Mrs Mepstead will be our new Deputy Head teacher upon her return from maternity leave.We will now be internally recruiting for our new Assistant Head teacher posts – a EYFS/KS1 and a KS2 with an English and Maths specialism alongside both roles. Once these have been secured, the new Senior Leadership Team structure will be complete.

As you know, we have a school app called ‘Schoop.’ We send messages to individual year groups and to the whole school with important reminders from this app.

Schoop also holds the most up-to-date information on the school calendar which is not longer available on the website. Therefore, please could I urge you to download this free app for the most current information.

In order to download visit the website: and follow the instructions. Our school ID number is 6929SCHOOP

We completed a very successful e-safety week before half term with every year group focusing on e-safety throughout their afternoons lessons. The focus of Safer Internet Day was ‘Be the change: unite for a better internet.’ This day was a chance to help promote the safe, responsible and positive use of digital technology for children and young people.

During this day, we had a special visit from Google Expeditions. We had a fantastic day exploring the virtual world using the Google Expeditions app. Teachers were all trained initially and then each year group in term explored different things, from Space to the Mayan Empire to the human body. It was a truly spectacular event!


Now we need your help!

In order to be able to continue to use this wonderful resource, we need more technology. If you have an old iPhone then, if you are able and are happy to, please could you consider donating the phone to the school in order to develop a stock of phones to use for virtual reality. All we ask is that everything is wiped clear from the phone and that a SIM card is removed. If you are able to help to enhance your child’s education in this way then it would be very much appreciated.

We are very fortunate in having an excellent Governing body. Governors are very actively involved in the school on a regular basis through their monitoring and evaluating visits, attendance at school events, governors meetings and help in the classroom. They are not involved in the day to day running of the school but have an important role in providing a strategic direction for the school. It is their responsibility to promote high standards and quality teaching and learning experiences for the children.

Our Governors come from all walks of life. They include school staff, parents and volunteers from the community. We are currently looking for Parent Governors for the school and invite applications from parents, guardians or foster-parents who would like to be appointed to put their names forward.

Parent Governors are elected by and from the parents, guardians and foster parents of registered pupils at the school, for a FOUR YEAR term. Parent Governors share equally with other members of the governing body the responsibility for carrying out the governing body’s legal responsibilities. The position of school governors has always been an important one that is vital to the effective running of the school and is a means of giving worthwhile service to the community. For more information regarding the role please see:

If you are interested then please do contact the school office who will pass your details on to the Chair of Governors.

Please note that all dates are now only available through our school app (Schoop) and not through the website.

Thursday 2nd March
World Book Day — £1 contribution non-school uniform day , dress as your favourite book character
School Disco—KS1 3:30—4:15pm
KS2 4:30—5:30pm

Tuesday 7th March
6pm Braeside Meeting for Year 3 Parents

Thursday 9th March
Voice in a Million (Choir at Wembley Arena)

Week beginning Monday 13th March
Parents evenings

Wednesday 15th March
KS2 Choir Festival at the Wyvern Theatre

Thursday 30th March
IPC Fabulous Finish Afternoon
2:15pm – Year 4 assembly – starting with a 15 minute presentation on E-Safety (please note that these are different to last year’s)
2:30pm – Years 1, 2, 3, 5 and 6 Fabulous Finish afternoon begins

Week beginning 3rd April
ICT/Science week

Friday 7th April
2:00—2:30pm—Family Fun Afternoon—Easter ‘Egg’-stravaganza craft activities


March Newsletter


It has been a busy couple of weeks since returning from half term.

A huge thank you to the large number of Year 6 parents who attended the SATS Information Evening.  The PowerPoint of this is now on the school website, for those of you who were unable to attend.  We do hope that the revision books, revision website as well as Times Tables Rock Stars are proving popular at home.

World Book Day was cut short by the heavy snow that we suffered last week.  It was a delight to see the children all dressed up (or down in their pyjamas!) and talking about their favourite books. 

Next week we will have some visitors to our school.  As the school is part of a national school improvement group called Challenge Partners, we will welcome senior leaders from other parts of the country to our school.  They will be in lessons and talk to the children about their learning. We are very much looking forward to showing them the amazing things that go on at Lainesmead.


Value for March:COOPERATION

In our assembly introducing the new value, we discussed the meaning of the word.  Children agreed that it was about team work, being fair, looking out for each other. We then went on to look at the global perspective of this and started learning as a whole school, the words of a song written by some of our Year 6 children—The Unity Song. 

The children wrote words to the tune of Count on Me by Bruno Mars and it really sums up that we are all working together to achieve the best for everyone. 
Here is the first verse and chorus to the song—please do sing along to it with your child at home:

No Matter what race or colour you may be, we won’t treat you differently
If someone got injured in the middle of a war, we’ll be there to help them
We need peace and harmony to live together as one big family

You can count on me like 1,2,3
I’ll be there and I know when I need you
I can count on you like 4,3,2 you’ll be there coz that’s what friends are supposed to do oh yeah(OOOOOHHHHHH OOOOOOH OOOOH yeah,yeah) 




We have an amazing number of events planned for Sport Relief this year.

Monday 19th March

Members of staff will be joining many other teachers and headteachers across Swindon in a 5km run.  This will begin in Westlea Primary School and they will run a route around West Swindon. They will be in coordinating T-shirt, all to raise money for Sport Relief.

Thursday 22nd March

As a school we will be participating in a school-to-school relay.  A route has been devised for each school to with our route taking us to Lawn Manor School. When we get there, a short fitness exercise will be completed by everyone before Lawn Manor take the baton on to the next school. Some children will then be chosen from the school to the Grand Finale which is taking place at the County Ground.  It is hoped that some of the Sport Relief stars themselves will be there to acknowledge the amazing take completed by all schools.

Friday 23rd March—Sport Relief Day
Non-school Uniform day

We are asking the children to come to school dressed as their Sporting Hero. Whether they are inspired by a footballer like David Beckham, a swimmer such as Becky Adlington, cricketers (Adil Rashid and Moeen Ali) or maybe even a gymnast such as Beth Tweddle. Whomever, they choose, the children must be prepared to talk about their hero and why they are inspired by them.

Mrs Painter’s Swimming Challenge
The challenge is well underway now. If you would like to sponsor Mrs Painter or donate, then please do so during the upcoming Parents’ Evenings or place your names on the sponsor form at the school office. Just a reminder that Mrs Painter will donate half of the fundraising to Sport Relief and half to the school for our next big project!




The expectation for school attendance is that it exceeds 95%.  We will be writing to parents where their child’s attendance is below 90% and a meeting will be arranged with either Mrs Chapman or Mrs Painter.  Please note that, even if there are exceptional circumstances for these absences, it is our responsibility to challenge school absence and warn parents of possible consequences.

Across the school the group of children falling below 90% accounts for a huge 14% of Years 1 to 6 (but there are still others where attendance is between 90-95%). Please continue to make every effort to get children to school on time and, if uncertain what to do, rest assured we will send them home if too ill to stay in school.

How much schooling will your child miss?
98%=4 days 95%=10 days 90%=19 days 80%=38 days

With this in mind, children attending at 80% every year will miss almost 1½ years of education during their time at Primary School.  It is possible that formal action could be taken for persistent poor attendance – this quote is taken from the Government Website on attendance:

“You could get a fine of up to £2,500, a community order or a jail sentence up to 3 months. The court also gives you a Parenting Order.”

Please don’t shoot the messenger!

After half term, we welcomed back Miss Rance from maternity leave.  Miss Rance has returned to teach 2 days a week in Russia class (Year 3) replacing Mrs Chapman who returns to her Assistant Head duties.

This week we have welcomed the return of Mrs Mepstead, also from maternity leave.  Mrs Mepstead has returned as the Deputy Headteacher of Lainesmead and I am sure you will join me in wishing her all the very best in her new role.

Mrs Arnold, who has worked as a Specialist Teaching Assistant at Lainesmead for around 10 years has made the decision to retire at the end of this term.  As a school we wish her all the very best for the future. 



Staff at Lainesmead try very hard to run after school clubs for the children.  We know that many parents have been unhappy about the small number of clubs that are being provided at present. So that you are aware, staff voluntarily give up their time to run clubs, without payment, and are under no obligation to provide clubs after school. Teachers key focus at the end of the day is to plan, prepare and mark work in order to ensure that the next day’s lessons are organised to maximise children’s learning.  As a school we endeavour to provide as many after school opportunities for children as possible and have looked to outside providers for this, for example Swindon Wildcats and Swindon Town Football.  We will be increasingly looking down this route to provide the clubs that we know everyone, including us as a school, value so much.


You may remember that some time ago we informed you that we had been successful in receiving a grant from the DfE to extend our nursery provision.

We are delighted that planning permission for this has now been granted.  Currently we are out to tender and hope to secure a builder within the next 2 weeks to start the project during the Easter Holidays.
Plans of the development will be on view at parents evenings this week.


This year we have also begun or work with the educational charity Achievement for All. AfA is a leading not-for-profit organisation  that works in partnership with early years settings, schools  and colleges, to improve outcomes for all children and  young people vulnerable to underachievement  regardless of background, challenge or need.

A huge part of the work that we are focusing on in this is working and developing our relationships with parents across the school.  We have a number of parents who have already attended a Structured Conversation with a member of teaching staff, including senior leaders, and the feedback we have received from this has been hugely positive. 

As we move on with this organisation, we will increase the number of parents who are accessing Structured Conversations. Maybe you will be the lucky one in future?

Dates for your Diary

Week Beginning 5th March
Parents’ Evenings

Friday 16th March
9am—Reception parents Phonics and Reading Workshop—the next stage

Thursday 22nd March
Sport Relief Running Relay

Thursday 22nd March
Fabulous Finish Afternoon

Friday 23rd March
Sport Relief Non-school uniform day (see previous information )

Thursday 29th March
Easter Craft afternoon at 2pm
School finishes for the Easter Holidays at 2:30pm

Monday 16th April
Nursery Closed (Home Visits)
Reception to Year 6 children return to school

Friday 20th April
Non-school Uniform day—Sports Focus

Week beginning 14th May
Year 6 SATS Week