It has been an extremely busy week for us here at Lainesmead!

On Tuesday, Sarah Akkerman from BBC Wiltshire sound visited the school and spoke to a group of children about our plans for Red Nose Day and their knowledge of the charity.  I am pleased to say that the broadcast went out on Wednesday to the public.  You can listen again to it here: .  The actual interview is around 1 hour 30 minutes into the broadcast.

Wednesday was a particularly busy day.  Firstly, I had the pleasure of welcoming Azaria, Lewis, Isabella and Travis from Year 2 to Head teacher’s lunch. They are all clearly enjoying their time in Year 2 and were able to talk enthusiastically about their learning as well as how many teeth they were currently losing and how much the tooth fairy was giving them!

Secondly, the school’s football team played a match against East Wichel Primary School on Wednesday.  After a hard fought game, they came out victorious with a 4-2 win over their rivals.  Special mention must go to Connor who was awarded Man of the Match.

Finally on Wednesday, the choir performed at The Wyvern Theatre as part of the Swindon music festival.  Mrs Robinson and Mrs Chapman, who accompanied the choir, were extremely proud of the effort the children made during the rehearsal and the performance.  Here they are:

Choir at the Wyvern


This week’s certificates went to the following children for amazing work, attitude and showing the school values:

Germany: Albie                          France: out on trip
Spain: Jakey                            Iceland: Reece
Canada: Shane                           Russia: Sahana
Mexico: Mae                             South Africa: Federico
Brazil: Erica                           China: Beth
Australia: Alicia

Certificates of Excellence


Well done to Iceland Class (100%) and Australia Class (97.5%). For the second week running both landed on the same square on our Classopoly board – the ‘Chance’ one where the class can choose their own reward.


Year 3 had a fantastic time on World Book Day. We spent the day focusing on a book called ‘The Tin Forest’ by Helen Ward.

We started by imagining what would grow in the forest from the book. We named our plant, described what it looked like, explained how to plant it, how long it will take to grow, where to keep it and how to look after it. Later in the day, we planted our magic seeds and wrote instructions to tell other people how to do this as well. The costumes worn by the children were brilliant and we had a lengthy discussion about each one and why the children had chosen to come as the character that they did.



How to help your child to read tricky words

tricky words

Tricky words or high frequency words/common exception words as they are sometimes known, are words that do not fit phonics spelling patterns. These are words like go, no, me, she, do, come and said. They are words that can’t be sounded out using phonics. These are words that some children find difficult to read and to spell because they often try to use phonics to help them.

There are many ways that you can help your child to learn these words. First of all, children need to see these words regularly and recognise them in different sentences and books, It is important that children practise how to read and also how to spell them correctly.

Here are some tips for you to try at home:

  1. Introduce the tricky words slowly – try to practise a couple of new words a week.
  2. As well as learning a couple of new words, encourage your child to practise words already learnt – use flashcards or a computer game. and have many games designed for helping children to remember tricky words.
  3. Encourage your child to look at the word and identify the ‘tricky’ part – they could highlight this part and learn it first!
  4. Make learning fun – ask your child to practise writing the word in sand/different colour pens, flour, glitter. They will learn to recognise and read the word much quicker if it is fun!
  5. Ask your child to look for patterns/spelling rules in words – e.g. want. When a follows a w, the a nearly always makes a short o If you are unsure of the spelling rules, there are lots of places you can look on line. E.g.

    1. Use magnetic letters to spell the words on the fridge so that your child can see and read them often.
    2. Make the letters of the words with playdough/pasta shapes etc.
    3. Write the words on pebbles/rocks/card etc. and go on a word finding hunt.

It was a pleasure to hear this week about Lila’s (Mexico class) commitment to her dancing which has resulted in her doing extremely well in her recent Ballet, Tap and Modern Dance exams.  She received the following scores out of 100: 88 in ballet, 87 in tap, and 83 in modern.  These fantastic results meant that she passed all of the exams with a distinction. Lila spends 7 hours a week training, with extra time then put in to practise for competitions and shows.  Well done Lila, you really are showing what striving, achieving and excelling looks like in everyday life!



We have a confirmed case of head lice/nits once again this week.  Please could we ask you to spend some time over the weekend checking your child/children’s hair and treating them, if necessary.

Many thanks for your understanding with this.




Our school Facebook page is an open page, which means anyone can view its posts. This is just like the school website – which can also be viewed by anyone. Like our website, our Facebook page is another method of sharing the amazing things the children are doing at Lainesmead (they make us proud every day) as well as being another useful form of communication.

If we closed the page we would need to decide many things such as:  who would get to see our posts – parents only? Grandparents? When should parents of children who have left be removed? This could get rather complicated!


However, we are aware that some of our parents have concerns about their children’s photos being placed in a public forum and for that reason we have decided to update our parent permissions. Most of you would have decided how the school could use your children’s photos when they joined the school (for some of you more than 10 years ago), before we had our Facebook and Twitter accounts!


Please can we ask you to click on the link below and complete the form to update your permissions of how we use your child’s photos.


Thank you for your cooperation with this.


Survey monkey link:



The children are thoroughly enjoying exploring ‘The Land of Never Believe’ which is a text full of fantastical locations, creatures and plants. We have designed our own islands with unique characteristics such as growing legs to move destination. Next week, the children will be writing a non-chronological report to describe the features of their imaginative creatures.

In Maths, we have been focussing on statistics and interpreting information from graphs, pie charts and tables. We have also been investigating challenges involving algebra and finding the mean- preparing them for their SATs papers as well as life at secondary school. We really feel that the additional support given at home through the use of the revision guides is having a positive impact on the learning within the classroom- thank you for your continued efforts!

Fun was had by all last week when we participated in ‘World Book Day’. We wrote poetry and sketched art work linked to the text ‘Rose, John Brown and the Midnight Cat’. An extra display to celebrate this amazing learning has had to be created as the work produced was of such a high standard. We have also used the text ‘If the World were a village…’ this week as part of Maths Day (Tuesday) to introduce the topic of ratio and proportion. We think the use of sorting delicious sweets may have had something to do with the high levels of engagement and excitement throughout the day.



This week, Alan Mulrooney and I conducted a monitoring visit to school. The focus for the meeting was to look at the impact middle leaders (in this case year group leaders) are having in their new role. We met with Mrs Painter and Mrs Mepstead and looked carefully at their job descriptions before analysing the difference this new role has made, particularly to consistency between year group teachers and across the school. The Senior Leadership Team have produced a very focused monitoring calendar which focuses on a different issue each week, for example, classroom environment. Where teaching and learning is not as effective as it could be, year group leaders support teachers to improve. We were also impressed with the thorough research behind new initiatives that middle leaders have been at the forefront of implementing, the most promising of which is the changing role of TAs in the classroom. We spoke to a number of year group leaders who were all very positive about their role and could share numerous examples of the impact they have already had. The purpose of these termly visits is to ensure the school is progressing rapidly towards the targets set by Ofsted by seeing the evidence first-hand.  You should be reassured that the focus on this new role should impact on the outcomes produced by children, not just in end of term assessments, but in their learning every day.



Many parents will be aware that Mrs Beauchamp has unfortunately been away from school for a considerable period due to ill health.  I am now writing to let you know that, unfortunately, Mrs Beauchamp has made the difficult decision to end her time working here at Lainesmead.  We do hope to see her soon to give her an official send-off but in the meantime, I am sure you will join me in wishing Mrs Beauchamp well for the future.

Mrs Mann will be joining the Year 2 team as a TA Tuesday to Friday mornings.



Thank you all for your wonderful contributions towards our Red Nose Day cake sale today.  Here are the winners of the Great Lainesmead Bake Off.  Keep an eye out in the Swindon Advertiser as they will hopefully be appearing there as well.



Tuesday 19th March
2:30pm – EYFS2 Stay and Play

Wednesday 20th March
Choir perform at Voice in a Million (VIAM) in Wembley Arena

Monday 1st April
2:30pm Fabulous Finish

Friday 5th April
Last day of term
2:00pm – Easter Craft Activities for parents to attend
2:30pm – School finishes