Lainesmead News 15.02.19


Lainesmead Primary School and Nursery’s Weekly Newsletter
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Over this term, many year groups have been on some wonderful trips linked to the topic they have been learning about in class.
Year three recently went to the STEAM Museum linked to their ‘Brilliant Brunel’ topic.  They took part in a wonderful workshop and spent time exploring the museum.  They thoroughly enjoyed their day which enhanced what they had learnt in class.
Last week, Year 5 went to the Ashmolean Museum for their ‘Journey Back to Ancient Greece’ topic.   Again, they learnt a lot more about the Greeks during their visit, supporting the work they have been doing in class.

Y3 trip Y5 trip

There has been a great deal of chat regarding the way trips are funded.  We’d like to thank parents who have approached the leadership team on duty to query this.  As a result, we would like to clarify exactly how the cost of a trip is arrived at.

Firstly, Government policy states that if the activity cannot be funded without voluntary contributions, the governing body or head teacher should make this clear to parents at the outset.”  This is why our letters state that any contribution is voluntary.  However, the policy goes on to state that “If insufficient voluntary contributions are raised to fund a visit, or the school cannot fund it from some other source, then it must be cancelled.” This is stated in our letters.
The cost of each trip is worked out very carefully.  The cost of the venue and transport are divided equally by the number of children due to attend.  If the request is regarding a visitor to the school, the calculation is completed in the same way but without the transport costs.  This gives the cost for each individual child.
The school receives no additional money for trips and any shortfall in contribution must come out of the school’s standard budget.  Rest assured, the school makes no money from trips. In fact, in the last year the school supported trips and visitor to the amount of approximately £10,000.
We think trips are a vital part of school life. However, with school budgets continuing to be reduced it is impossible to subsidise them in the way that we have been.  This is why we have been clear in our letters that contributions must arrive by a set date and make up 75% of the total cost.
We do hope that this has provided clarity in the way trips are financially supported.

As half term approached, we noticed more and more children not following the school’s policy on school uniform.  We understand that, as it was close to the holiday, many parents preferred to wait until the holiday to purchase replacement uniform items. Therefore, we would like to take this opportunity to remind you of the school uniform expectations within the governor approved policy.

Boys’ winter uniform
A Lainesmead sweatshirt/plain navy sweatshirt or jumper (Hooded sweatshirts are not permitted)
White or Navy polo shirt
Black or grey trousers
Flat black/brown shoes*
Dark socks

Girls’ winter uniform
A Lainesmead sweatshirt/a plain navy sweatshirt, jumper or cardigan (Hooded sweatshirts are not permitted)
White or Navy polo shirt
Black or grey trousers or skirt (not leggings)
Flat black/brown shoes*
White socks
Plain black/white/grey tights

* Trainers of any kind are not permitted as school uniform.  This includes black trainer.



Reading to your child at home

Helpful hints!

  • Set aside some time to read with your child. Choose somewhere quiet with no distractions.

Turn off the TV and shut out all of the background noise.

  1. Ask your child to choose a book that you can read.

If your child has chosen a book, they are more likely to be engaged and will listen more carefully.

  1. Sit close together. Ask your child to hold the book and turn the pages for you.
  2. Point to the pictures. Encourage your child to point out the illustrations and relate to something that they already know. Ask them to describe the characters/setting. Make predictions about what might happen next using what they can see in the pictures. You could use the pictures to tell your own stories together.
  3. Encourage your child to talk about the book that you are reading. This is a great time to build your child’s vocabulary. Let them ask about the meanings of new words. Talk about the events of the story and the characters – what do they like/dislike about the book or the characters? What is their favourite part of the book? What new facts have they learnt? Ask questions – what might happen next? How do they think the character is feeling? How do they know?
  4. Make it fun! It does not matter how you read the book. Reading should be enjoyable – something that you can share together and talk about.

For further information, the booktrust website has many other tips for reading at home with your child.


Once again this year we will be celebrating World Books Day on Thursday 7 March.  We would like the children to come dressed as a book character.  They will need to be able to talk about their character with their class.  We do hope that this provides sufficient notice to organise a costume for all by 7 March.

We look forward to seeing the wonderful costumes they come to school in!

And don’t forget this is about Books – so Keep Reading!

As you will be aware, we have a school app named Schoop.  We are increasingly sending information via this app rather than texting.  If you have not yet downloaded the app, please can we encourage you to do so as soon as possible, as SCHOOP is one of the main forms of communicating information to parents. Below are the instructions for downloading the app on various devices.

If you have an iPhone, iPad, Android phone or tablet

  • On your iPhone or iPad click the App Store button
  • On your Android phone or tablet click the Google Play button
  • Search for Schoop and download the FREE app
  • Run the app and follow the instructions
  • Enter our Schoop ID: 6929
  • Add the years and groups relevant to you
  • That’s it – you’re in the loop!

If you have a Windows Mobile, Blackberry, PC or Mac

  • Go to
  • Enter our Schoop ID: 6929
  • Add your email address and choose relevant years and groups
  • Select your preferred language, if applicable.
  • Click CONFIRM, and you’re in the loop!

If you need help please don’t contact the school. Schoop will answer any of your questions.  Go to: and click on Support, or send an email to


In a large school, there are often cases of head lice/nits reported to us and we try to respond to these when we have the information.
As next week is half term, please could we urge you to spend some time checking the children’s hair and treating them, if necessary, in order to start Term 4 as a head lice/nit free school!
Many thanks for your understanding with this.

You may recall that before Christmas we set up a web based fundraising page through Easyfundraising.  After some initial problems, we are pleased to announce that these have all been ironed out and the site is now fully working.  Over the last 30 days, through this site, there has been £35.91 raised for the school.  We would love it if more was raised!  We can add this to our pot of money for iPads or to go towards school trips to ensure they are not cancelled.

Please could we urge you to set up an account (it is completely free) using the link in the poster below.  Then, when you want to make an online purchase, simply access the site via Easyfundraising and the school automatically receives a percentage of the cost of the item.  It really is that simple!


Wow! What a busy term we have had in Year 3! Our topic this term has been ‘Brilliant Brunel’ and we have really enjoyed learning about everything he built. The children have been really interested in this topic and visiting ‘STEAM’ as our school trip really helped bring the learning to life. The children had an amazing time walking underneath a train, investigating how signal and track changes work, playing old games, dressing up as different people from the past and handling different tools and objects that would have been used to build the railway. We are so lucky that we have such a wonderful museum right on our doorstep.

We have also enjoyed learning the story of ‘The Railway Children’ and have learnt how to use a range of sentences, adjectives and emotive language within our writing.

In Maths, we have been tackling some tricky questions on multiplication and division focusing mainly on our 3, 4 and 8 times tables and the children have faced these problems head on. They have shown a huge amount of resilience this term as they have learnt a number of new methods for both multiplication and division but they all seemed to really enjoy the challenge. We will be carrying on with Multiplication and Division next term before moving on to Money.

Year 4 have been busy this term learning about natural disasters. We have completed some research on a type of natural disaster of our choice and have now written a non-chronological report, telling our audience all about our chosen disaster. We were inspired by our visit from the wonderful Freshwater Theatre Company who praised the children on their great subject knowledge. In Science we have been investigating states of matter. We know about how temperature can cause certain things to change state. We have practised reading temperature using a thermometer and we have made scientific predictions and observations to back up our ideas. Our topic of Natural Disasters will continue next term, where we will be looking at some real world examples of disasters and the impact they have in the area where they happen.

We challenged our children for Maths day to design a bird’s eye view map of Pompeii to a certain set of guidelines. We then gave them the opportunity to re-create the disaster. The children destroyed fractions of their city at a time. A process which some of them found very rewarding!
We have continued to develop our teamwork and cooperation skills through our work on the Prince William Award with Skill Force. Each week the children are getting better at working as a team and our success in the tricky team building challenges is improving.

Week beginning 18th February
Half term holiday

Monday 25th February
First day of Term 4 – All children return to school

Wednesday 27th February
2:30pm – EYFS2 Stay and Play

Tuesday 5th/Wednesday 6th/Thursday 7th March
Parents Evenings

Thursday 7th March
World Book Day

Tuesday 12th March
2:30pm – EYFS2 Stay and Play

Friday 15th March
The Great Lainesmead Comic Relief Bake Off (Cake Sale at the end of the day)

Tuesday 19th March
2:30pm – EYFS2 Stay and Play

Wednesday 20th March
Choir perform at Voice in a Million (VIAM) in Wembley Arena

Monday 1st April
2:30pm Fabulous Finish, Y4 Assembly