Weekly Newsletter 14.09.18


It was amazing to see so many children dressed up for our Roald Dahl Day. It really was a celebration so his amazing books as well as encouraging a love of reading.

RD Day 1


As Chair of governors, it is my responsibility to oversee the setting of agendas for the forthcoming term. At our Term 1 meetings, will be focussing on (amongst other things): the school’s Rapid Action Plans to ensure actions from our Ofsted are underway and are impacting on standards across the school, analysis of last years end of Key Stage results and the use of TAs within the school. All minutes are published on the school website.

As part of my link governor responsibility, I was invited to take part in training for the implementation of the new Power Maths scheme which was introduced this term. The scheme aims to promote the belief that ALL children can achieve at maths (too often we as adults are prepared to say that maths isn’t our strong point. Would we be prepared to say the same about reading?)  It is based on the whole class learning together with speedy intervention for those children who aren’t quite there and promoting a deeper understanding for those who grasp a concept quickly. It very much promotes the use of apparatus and pictures to ensure children fully understand maths concepts. You may notice children spend longer on one concept but this ensures they have a solid foundation to build on.

If you would like to find out more, have a look at your ‘Dates for the Fridge’ where you will find parent workshops to enable you to become more familiar with this new way of working.


This week’s certificates went to the following children for amazing work, attitude and showing the school values:

Germany: Isabella                                    France: Anay
Spain: Avhan                                         Iceland: Freddy
Canada: Declan
Mexico: Mae                                          South Africa: Marianna
Brazil: Mavrick                                      China: Tilly
New Zealand: Alesha                                Australia: Oliver

Certificate of excellence 14.09


It is with much delight that we announced this year’s prefects, including the senior prefects’ roles, in today’s assembly.
Congratulations to the following children on becoming prefects: Avelyn, Ruth, Luca, Michal, Luke, Mustapha, Sze Ka, Cerys, Zara, Meryl, Casandra, Roshan, Mckenzie, Delisha, Jayden, Jude, Kamyla, Aaron, Josh, George, Sudiksha, Kavenayan, Daniel, Sophia, Ahmad, Maya, Josh, Evie and Emily.


Head Boys: Charlie Clack and Mohammad Hussain
Head Girls: Lysania Thananchayan and Nicole Montgomery
Deputy Head Boys: Oliver Clarke and Evan Probert
Deputy Head Girls: Alesha Khan and Zoya Hameed

head prefects

We are sure that they will enjoy their roles and flourish with their new responsibilities.


Thank you to all the parents who came to the end of our Roald Dahl Day celebrations and to listen to the presentation on the importance of Reading.  For those unable to attend the information is on the website and here is a brief summary of what was covered:

What is reading?
Reading is not just about ‘reading words.’
When we read, we are:

  • increasing our vocabulary
  • building greater empathy
  • developing a positive attitude towards reading
  • building our knowledge of the word around us.
  • making predictions and drawing conclusions.

Why is reading important?
Reading is important for building vocabulary and learning new words:
1 minute a day 8,000 new words a year
5 minutes a day 282,000 new words a year
20 minutes a day 1,800,000 new words a year

A good reader will be paid:
£21 more an hour                    £189 more a week
£756 more a month                 £9072 more a year

What can I do to help my child at home?

  • School policy states that children should be reading at home every day.
  • Fill in the reading log everyday so that your child’s teacher can see what your child is reading at home.
  • Take your child to join the local library.
  • Read signs/labels in the local environment.
  • Talk to your children about the books they are reading. Ask them questions

Reading Logs2017-kluwell-reader-family
This week your child will have brought home their Reading Log.  Record all reading in them.  Awards are given for the number of nights reading is completed.
At the front of the book, there is a page which explains how to use the journal.
There is a sample page and some ideas for encouraging reading at home.
There are also useful tips for what to do if your child makes a mistake when reading and tips for how to support your child when reading.


From Monday 17th September, Mrs Jayne Peer, our Parent Support Advisor, will be conducting our First Day calls and checking on latecomers from the school office.  She will continue in her role as PSA and as one of the school’s safeguarding team also.


We have formally welcomed our new members of staff.  Mrs Sanders is teaching in Iceland class, Miss R Griffiths in South Africa and Mr Alexander in Australia.  In addition we have some new Teaching Assistants.  Mrs Faircloth has joined as an SEN TA and we have four Nursery Apprentices who have joined also.  They are Miss D McShane, Miss G Childs, Miss L Collick, Miss A Scoble.

Email communications with teachers: Parents are kindly asked to email admin@lainesmeadprimary.co.uk and messages will be passed on to the appropriate teachers.  Please do not email teachers directly.

Sadly, we have said goodbye to Mrs Clarke in the office this week.  She leaves us to spend more time with her family.  We wish her well and know that she will still be a familiar face at the school!


A number of parents have questioned the school’s policy of providing sweets to be handed out at the end of the day when it is a child’s birthday.  Due to the number of children with specific dietary requirements the school’s policy on this is clear – sweets or chocolates should not be brought in.  Many thanks for your co-operation with this.


Monday 17th September
Reception Parents Workshop 9am in The Hut

Wednesday 19th September
Year 3 Ballet begins

Friday 21st September
Jeans Non-school uniform – £1 donation.
Donations will be shared between the school and the Jeans for Genes Day charity


Monday 24th September
Whole School Maths Day – parents sharing time at 2:45pm
Reception Parents Workshop 9am in The Hut

Monday 1st October