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It has been a pleasure to welcome back everyone to the start of the new school year.  The children looked so smart in their new school uniforms and have definitely come back ready for learning and to live our new school vision of ‘Strive, Achieve, Excel: Believe in a limitless future.”

It has been very busy in the school over the holidays with lots of changes made to accommodate the nursery in the school building.  Unfortunately, it has taken a week longer than anticipated but we are ready to start on Monday! We are very pleased with the results!

The final changes were also made to the office reception area.  Unfortunately, due to building regulations, the screen that has been installed fills the entire window.  Please be assured that this was not our choice or how it had originally been planned! We appreciate that this can come across as not very welcoming and this was never our intention!  There is a monitor to speak through that can be used.  If a private conversation is needed, this is possible as a small room is now available close to the office.  We understand that this is not an ideal situation but unfortunately, the regulations cannot be avoided.


Set the agendas for this term’s meetings.  The large focus of each meeting will be on improving outcomes for all children but particularly those who are in receipt of the Pupil Premium Grant. Governor attendance at the upcoming Power Maths training was also confirmed. Dates were also set for attendance at training events, in school events as well as dates for focusing on English and Maths attainment and progress.


We had a great response from the Summer Holiday homework.  It was great to see the photos of children taking part, whether they were emailed into the school or shared via Twitter.

The competition between classes was very close but the overall winners were:

Key Stage 1: Iceland
Key Stage 2: South Africa.

Both class have won £50 to spend on improving their classroom in some way.

We also awarded individual prizes in each year group.  The overall winners were:
Year 1: Gethin Mulrooney
Year 2: Lewis Jell
Year 3: Prajeetha Parida
Year 4: Holly Gibbs
Year 5: Jaina Arora
Year 6: Nicole Montgomery.

They will be receiving a voucher to spend in any way they choose!


In Move Up week we introduced our new Behaviour Policy to the children.  Here is a brief outline of the policy. But should you wish to read it in detail it can be found on the school website.

There are now three schools rules that we expect, children, parents, staff and governors to follow and demonstrate at all times.  They are:

    • Be ready
    • Be respectful
    • Be safe

In lessons, teachers will reward good behaviour and hard work with raffle tickets.  Work in books will be rewarded with house points.  All staff (including HLTAs, TAs, and MDSAs) can reward with house points with house points when good behaviour is noted around the school.

Every class will display a Recognition Board. The names of children following the school rules or learning behaviours specified by the teacher (e.g. putting hands up to answer a question) will be placed on this board during the day. Recognition Boards are refreshed on a daily basis.

If, for any reasons, children are not following the school rules, then a four-staged approach is instigated: Remind, Caution, Last Chance and Time-out.  Should an incident reach the fourth stage then a ‘School Rules’ form is completed.  Children who have 3 or more ‘School Rules’ forms completed in a week attend ‘How to shine class’ with the Mrs Painter, where the effects of the behaviour are discussed, a Behaviour Report Chart, including targets and a strategy to support the child is drawn up.  This is shared with the class teacher and with parents and monitored daily.

Should you have any questions regarding our new policy then please do not hesitate to contact us.


Earlier this week a message was sent out regarding the need for children to be provided with a water bottle in school.  To clarify, the decision to remove cups from the classrooms was to ensure that cross-contamination is reduced as cups are not washed during the school day.  Water bottles can be filled up in various places around the school.  Should a child have finished their water bottle, they would ALWAYS be allowed to refill it, especially during periods of intense heat, as we received in Term 6.

Water is always available at lunchtime, with cups being washed immediately for further use.  Children are allowed to bring in an additional drink to take to the hall with them to have with their lunch.


Today was the first time we handed out our Certificate of Excellence awards to those children displaying our school vision, the values and following the school rules.

The very first recipients of the certificates were:
Germany:  Thomas Strange                                         France: Himank Goel
Spain: Travis Chan-Nyangu                                        Iceland: Lewis Jell
Canada:  Taslema Ali                                             Russia: Archie Hogg
Mexico: Hashem Barim                                            South Africa: Arash Singh
Brazil: Aloy Rodrigues                                           China: Rosie Houghton
New Zealand: Mohammed Hussain                                Australia: Luca Baafi

Huge congratulation must be given to both Ella Thornton and Amy Simms from Year 5, who have both been awarded a 60th Anniversary special edition Blue Peter Badge.  These badges have only been awarded to children who already have previous Blue Peter badges.  Both completed online forms, showing new experiences they had as well as memories their parents had of Blue Peter in the past, including the infamous building of a model Tracy Island!


Dates were sent out via Schoop earlier this week and will be placed on the school website next week.

Thursday 13th September

Roald Dahl Day – non-school uniform day, dress as a Roald Dahl Character (no contribution required)
2:30pm – Parents join classes for their Roald Dahl Day – come and receive your free gift!

Monday 17th September
Reception Parents Workshop 9am

Wednesday 19th September
Year 3 Ballet begins

Friday 21st September
Non-school uniform
Donations will be shared between the school and the Jeans for Genes Day charity

Monday 24th September
Whole School Maths Day
Reception Parents Workshop 9am

Monday 1st October