Lainesmead News 21.09.18

This week we were delighted to welcome back the Royal Ballet to start their lessons with our Year 3 children.  A huge thanks to everyone who supported today’s Jeans for Genes day.  We will let you know next week how much we have raised.

This week, it was the privilege of Mrs Robinson and me to take 4 children, Omaree, Lillymai, Jamal and Zara, who completed the Prince William Award through Skillforce last year to the national graduation ceremony in the University of Birmingham.  It was a very early start but the day was fantastic.  The children were a real credit to the school and enjoyed every moment but special mention must go to having our very own photo with David Walliams, who was the master of ceremony at the event.  All awards were present by Prince William himself!


Been reading updated policies in preparation for the governors meetings which start next week.  Mrs Timbrell also attended the second part of the school Power Maths training.

This week’s certificates went to the following children for amazing work, attitude and showing the school values:

Germany: Bradley                               France: Robert
Spain: Afia                                             Iceland: Amelia P
Canada: Lucian                                    Russia: Lily P
Mexico: Julia                                         South Africa: Trey
Brazil: Utsav                                          China: William
New Zealand: Jude                               Australia: Karina

Well done also to France and South Africa class who achieved 100% attendance as a class last week and rolled the dice to find out their class reward.


Staff have just completed their second professional development meeting focusing on the implementation of our new maths scheme: Power Maths. The sessions have introduced the scheme to the staff and identified the key principles, which continues to build on the positive growth mindset and the belief that ‘everyone can do maths’ that the school had previously been working on.

Part of the session was focused on the use of CPA – concrete, pictorial and abstract representations. It is really important that all children have access to practical resources and are able to represent their thinking through pictures. This allows them to have a better understanding of abstract learning, which child often find difficult. We also explored different ways the children can represent their ideas and looked at using number lines, place value charts and part-whole model.

Staff can already see the benefits of the scheme. Quotes from staff:
“The scheme provides a clear progression and expectations that will develop consistency across the school. This will help the children to develop their learning as they will be familiar with the resources and representations.” Mrs Smith
“The scheme provides a variety of learning activities presented in different ways, which will challenge pupils and help all of them to reach their potential. The emphasis on the practical resources is a benefit to all.” Mr Tew

You can find out more about the Power Maths scheme by attending the parent workshops in Term 2. See the website for dates.

You may have noticed from our “Dates for the fridge” that we have a Maths Day each term this year. Each day will have a different focus throughout the year.  Our very first day, on Monday, will focus on Times Tables.

We will start with an assembly relaunching our Times Tables Rockstars and each class in Years 2 to 6 will be taking part in a school-wide Times Tables competition.  The focus on these sessions will be on personal improvement in times tables.

Throughout the day, the classes will be investigating all the amazing things we know because of our times tables as well as looking for patterns between the times tables.

We would love to have as many parents involved as possible.  Please join us at 2:45pm so that the children can share all of their amazing learning with you.

tt rockstars

Once again, I am launching my annual competition asking primary school pupils in South Swindon to design my parliamentary Christmas card.

The winning design will be professionally printed and used as my Christmas card for this year. It will be sent to many businesses, public sector organisations, schools, charities and community organisations and to councillors, MPs and Ministers. I hope the children enjoy taking part in the competition and I am looking forward to receiving all the entries.

Last year, I received many excellent designs and it took me some time to choose a winner!
The Christmas card competition is open to all primary schools in the constituency with the theme being ‘Christmas time in Swindon’
Entries should be sent to the Constituency Office, 29b Wood Street, Old Town Swindon, SN1 4AN before 26th October 2018

As you are aware from our previous communications following our Ofsted inspection, pupil attendance is a key area for the school to improve. In particular, for those children who are persistently absent. Our Attendance policy (which is available in full on our website) states that:

‘School may contact parents/carers if a pupil’s attendance is 95% or below.’ School will automatically send parents/carers standardised information regarding their child’s attendance rate and advise parents that their child’s attendance will be monitored by the school. If there is no improvement in attendance/punctuality, then parents/carers may be invited to attend a ‘School Attendance Meeting’.  Parents may be notified of attendance/punctuality concerns via telephone, face to face or email.

Furthermore, since the start of term many pupils have been absent due to routine dental appointments. Lainesmead attendance & absence policy states:
“Parents/ careers are encouraged to arrange medical/ dental appointments outside of the school day where possible, to ensure that the pupil is only absent for the minimum amount of time necessary for an appointment “

Thank you for your future support with this.



Monday 24th September
Whole School Maths Day – Parents are welcome in at 2:45pm to join us in a celebration of Times Tables
Reception Parents Workshop 9am in The Hut

Monday 1st October

Tuesday 2nd/Wednesday 3rd/Thursday 4th October
Parents’ consultation evenings – please see letter distributed today

Tuesday 2nd October
China Day (China class)

Monday 8th October
Reception Parents Workshop

Friday 12th October
Spain Day (Spain Class)

Monday 15th October
Harvest Assembly – contribution towards Women’s Aid

Wednesday 17th October
Volunteer Parents Training (re-rerun of the training held in the Term 6)

Thursday 18th October
Fabulous Finale – Y2 assembly

Friday 19th – Monday 22nd October
Year 6 Isle of Wight residential

Wednesday 24th October


world music owrkshop


Weekly Newsletter 14.09.18


It was amazing to see so many children dressed up for our Roald Dahl Day. It really was a celebration so his amazing books as well as encouraging a love of reading.

RD Day 1


As Chair of governors, it is my responsibility to oversee the setting of agendas for the forthcoming term. At our Term 1 meetings, will be focussing on (amongst other things): the school’s Rapid Action Plans to ensure actions from our Ofsted are underway and are impacting on standards across the school, analysis of last years end of Key Stage results and the use of TAs within the school. All minutes are published on the school website.

As part of my link governor responsibility, I was invited to take part in training for the implementation of the new Power Maths scheme which was introduced this term. The scheme aims to promote the belief that ALL children can achieve at maths (too often we as adults are prepared to say that maths isn’t our strong point. Would we be prepared to say the same about reading?)  It is based on the whole class learning together with speedy intervention for those children who aren’t quite there and promoting a deeper understanding for those who grasp a concept quickly. It very much promotes the use of apparatus and pictures to ensure children fully understand maths concepts. You may notice children spend longer on one concept but this ensures they have a solid foundation to build on.

If you would like to find out more, have a look at your ‘Dates for the Fridge’ where you will find parent workshops to enable you to become more familiar with this new way of working.


This week’s certificates went to the following children for amazing work, attitude and showing the school values:

Germany: Isabella                                    France: Anay
Spain: Avhan                                         Iceland: Freddy
Canada: Declan
Mexico: Mae                                          South Africa: Marianna
Brazil: Mavrick                                      China: Tilly
New Zealand: Alesha                                Australia: Oliver

Certificate of excellence 14.09


It is with much delight that we announced this year’s prefects, including the senior prefects’ roles, in today’s assembly.
Congratulations to the following children on becoming prefects: Avelyn, Ruth, Luca, Michal, Luke, Mustapha, Sze Ka, Cerys, Zara, Meryl, Casandra, Roshan, Mckenzie, Delisha, Jayden, Jude, Kamyla, Aaron, Josh, George, Sudiksha, Kavenayan, Daniel, Sophia, Ahmad, Maya, Josh, Evie and Emily.


Head Boys: Charlie Clack and Mohammad Hussain
Head Girls: Lysania Thananchayan and Nicole Montgomery
Deputy Head Boys: Oliver Clarke and Evan Probert
Deputy Head Girls: Alesha Khan and Zoya Hameed

head prefects

We are sure that they will enjoy their roles and flourish with their new responsibilities.


Thank you to all the parents who came to the end of our Roald Dahl Day celebrations and to listen to the presentation on the importance of Reading.  For those unable to attend the information is on the website and here is a brief summary of what was covered:

What is reading?
Reading is not just about ‘reading words.’
When we read, we are:

  • increasing our vocabulary
  • building greater empathy
  • developing a positive attitude towards reading
  • building our knowledge of the word around us.
  • making predictions and drawing conclusions.

Why is reading important?
Reading is important for building vocabulary and learning new words:
1 minute a day 8,000 new words a year
5 minutes a day 282,000 new words a year
20 minutes a day 1,800,000 new words a year

A good reader will be paid:
£21 more an hour                    £189 more a week
£756 more a month                 £9072 more a year

What can I do to help my child at home?

  • School policy states that children should be reading at home every day.
  • Fill in the reading log everyday so that your child’s teacher can see what your child is reading at home.
  • Take your child to join the local library.
  • Read signs/labels in the local environment.
  • Talk to your children about the books they are reading. Ask them questions

Reading Logs2017-kluwell-reader-family
This week your child will have brought home their Reading Log.  Record all reading in them.  Awards are given for the number of nights reading is completed.
At the front of the book, there is a page which explains how to use the journal.
There is a sample page and some ideas for encouraging reading at home.
There are also useful tips for what to do if your child makes a mistake when reading and tips for how to support your child when reading.


From Monday 17th September, Mrs Jayne Peer, our Parent Support Advisor, will be conducting our First Day calls and checking on latecomers from the school office.  She will continue in her role as PSA and as one of the school’s safeguarding team also.


We have formally welcomed our new members of staff.  Mrs Sanders is teaching in Iceland class, Miss R Griffiths in South Africa and Mr Alexander in Australia.  In addition we have some new Teaching Assistants.  Mrs Faircloth has joined as an SEN TA and we have four Nursery Apprentices who have joined also.  They are Miss D McShane, Miss G Childs, Miss L Collick, Miss A Scoble.

Email communications with teachers: Parents are kindly asked to email and messages will be passed on to the appropriate teachers.  Please do not email teachers directly.

Sadly, we have said goodbye to Mrs Clarke in the office this week.  She leaves us to spend more time with her family.  We wish her well and know that she will still be a familiar face at the school!


A number of parents have questioned the school’s policy of providing sweets to be handed out at the end of the day when it is a child’s birthday.  Due to the number of children with specific dietary requirements the school’s policy on this is clear – sweets or chocolates should not be brought in.  Many thanks for your co-operation with this.


Monday 17th September
Reception Parents Workshop 9am in The Hut

Wednesday 19th September
Year 3 Ballet begins

Friday 21st September
Jeans Non-school uniform – £1 donation.
Donations will be shared between the school and the Jeans for Genes Day charity


Monday 24th September
Whole School Maths Day – parents sharing time at 2:45pm
Reception Parents Workshop 9am in The Hut

Monday 1st October

Weekly Newsletter


Lainesmead Primary School and Nursery’s Weekly Newsletter

Twitter: @LainesmeadSch


It has been a pleasure to welcome back everyone to the start of the new school year.  The children looked so smart in their new school uniforms and have definitely come back ready for learning and to live our new school vision of ‘Strive, Achieve, Excel: Believe in a limitless future.”

It has been very busy in the school over the holidays with lots of changes made to accommodate the nursery in the school building.  Unfortunately, it has taken a week longer than anticipated but we are ready to start on Monday! We are very pleased with the results!

The final changes were also made to the office reception area.  Unfortunately, due to building regulations, the screen that has been installed fills the entire window.  Please be assured that this was not our choice or how it had originally been planned! We appreciate that this can come across as not very welcoming and this was never our intention!  There is a monitor to speak through that can be used.  If a private conversation is needed, this is possible as a small room is now available close to the office.  We understand that this is not an ideal situation but unfortunately, the regulations cannot be avoided.


Set the agendas for this term’s meetings.  The large focus of each meeting will be on improving outcomes for all children but particularly those who are in receipt of the Pupil Premium Grant. Governor attendance at the upcoming Power Maths training was also confirmed. Dates were also set for attendance at training events, in school events as well as dates for focusing on English and Maths attainment and progress.


We had a great response from the Summer Holiday homework.  It was great to see the photos of children taking part, whether they were emailed into the school or shared via Twitter.

The competition between classes was very close but the overall winners were:

Key Stage 1: Iceland
Key Stage 2: South Africa.

Both class have won £50 to spend on improving their classroom in some way.

We also awarded individual prizes in each year group.  The overall winners were:
Year 1: Gethin Mulrooney
Year 2: Lewis Jell
Year 3: Prajeetha Parida
Year 4: Holly Gibbs
Year 5: Jaina Arora
Year 6: Nicole Montgomery.

They will be receiving a voucher to spend in any way they choose!


In Move Up week we introduced our new Behaviour Policy to the children.  Here is a brief outline of the policy. But should you wish to read it in detail it can be found on the school website.

There are now three schools rules that we expect, children, parents, staff and governors to follow and demonstrate at all times.  They are:

    • Be ready
    • Be respectful
    • Be safe

In lessons, teachers will reward good behaviour and hard work with raffle tickets.  Work in books will be rewarded with house points.  All staff (including HLTAs, TAs, and MDSAs) can reward with house points with house points when good behaviour is noted around the school.

Every class will display a Recognition Board. The names of children following the school rules or learning behaviours specified by the teacher (e.g. putting hands up to answer a question) will be placed on this board during the day. Recognition Boards are refreshed on a daily basis.

If, for any reasons, children are not following the school rules, then a four-staged approach is instigated: Remind, Caution, Last Chance and Time-out.  Should an incident reach the fourth stage then a ‘School Rules’ form is completed.  Children who have 3 or more ‘School Rules’ forms completed in a week attend ‘How to shine class’ with the Mrs Painter, where the effects of the behaviour are discussed, a Behaviour Report Chart, including targets and a strategy to support the child is drawn up.  This is shared with the class teacher and with parents and monitored daily.

Should you have any questions regarding our new policy then please do not hesitate to contact us.


Earlier this week a message was sent out regarding the need for children to be provided with a water bottle in school.  To clarify, the decision to remove cups from the classrooms was to ensure that cross-contamination is reduced as cups are not washed during the school day.  Water bottles can be filled up in various places around the school.  Should a child have finished their water bottle, they would ALWAYS be allowed to refill it, especially during periods of intense heat, as we received in Term 6.

Water is always available at lunchtime, with cups being washed immediately for further use.  Children are allowed to bring in an additional drink to take to the hall with them to have with their lunch.


Today was the first time we handed out our Certificate of Excellence awards to those children displaying our school vision, the values and following the school rules.

The very first recipients of the certificates were:
Germany:  Thomas Strange                                         France: Himank Goel
Spain: Travis Chan-Nyangu                                        Iceland: Lewis Jell
Canada:  Taslema Ali                                             Russia: Archie Hogg
Mexico: Hashem Barim                                            South Africa: Arash Singh
Brazil: Aloy Rodrigues                                           China: Rosie Houghton
New Zealand: Mohammed Hussain                                Australia: Luca Baafi

Huge congratulation must be given to both Ella Thornton and Amy Simms from Year 5, who have both been awarded a 60th Anniversary special edition Blue Peter Badge.  These badges have only been awarded to children who already have previous Blue Peter badges.  Both completed online forms, showing new experiences they had as well as memories their parents had of Blue Peter in the past, including the infamous building of a model Tracy Island!


Dates were sent out via Schoop earlier this week and will be placed on the school website next week.

Thursday 13th September

Roald Dahl Day – non-school uniform day, dress as a Roald Dahl Character (no contribution required)
2:30pm – Parents join classes for their Roald Dahl Day – come and receive your free gift!

Monday 17th September
Reception Parents Workshop 9am

Wednesday 19th September
Year 3 Ballet begins

Friday 21st September
Non-school uniform
Donations will be shared between the school and the Jeans for Genes Day charity

Monday 24th September
Whole School Maths Day
Reception Parents Workshop 9am

Monday 1st October