February Newsletter

Term 3 is often seen as a quiet month and it has certainly been quieter than Term 2.  There have still been many things to celebrate and share with you, many of you will have seen on our Twitter feed: @LainesmeadSch

We held 2 very successful non-school uniform days.  The second one was to build awareness of the role of Young Carers within the school as we took part in National Young Carers Awareness Day.  We were delighted to see so many of the children participate in this and show their support for our Young Carers.  Mrs Dee and I had the great pleasure of presenting a cheque for £328 to Ann Gill from Swindon Young Carers.  This money will be vital in providing further support to all Young Carers and opportunities they might miss out on because of their caring role. Thank you to everyone who made a donation.20180205_131424

We are just coming to the end of our e-safety week, which included Safer Internet Day on Tuesday. This year’s theme was “Create, Connect and Share Respect: A better internet starts with you”. Do look at the safer internet day website for more information and as a starting point for e-safety conversations at home.


After half term you will see some new signs going up on our gates.  We are very grateful to Lisa from Cats Solutions who printed the signs for us.sign

Value for February:

Mrs Saxby led our assembly introducing this month’s value.  She used the story of the Crane from the film Kung-Fu Panda.  If you don’t know it, please do view it using the link below and discuss with your child/children what resilience means to you and how it can be shown in many different ways. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NEeBgKXHzT8


Have you helped your child to log into Times Tables Rock Stars yet?

Earlier this term, Mrs Saxby sent out information regarding a new program we are using in school to help the children to learn their times tables in a fun way.  This program is also available to the children outside of school as it is an internet based program.


  1. Type ttrockstars.com into your browser’s address bar.
  2. Log in. Your child’s details are as follows:

Username: ____________________________

Password: ___________________________

3. Play!
There are 4 different game modes, which you can find out about on the back

Big news for this year’s Sport Relief!sportreliefwmy500x360

The Headteachers of Swindon Schools have organised a large fundraising activity for Sport Relief.

This year you may see many senior leaders taking part in runs, cycling or swimming events during the week of Sport Relief.

In addition, all schools are organising a running relay to cover every school in Swindon.  Children will be running a set route between schools in a close geographical area.  We will be looking to the children to raise some sponsorship money for this.  We will then have an in school event on the Friday of Sport Relief.

Mrs Painter’s Swimming challenge:

For my part, I am undertaking a swimming challenge and have set myself the goal of swimming a length for every child in the school between 1st and 23rd Mach.  That’s 460 lengths (11,500 metres) in 23 days! I will also raise money for Sport Relief but will also give half of my fundraising directly to the school for further equipment!


In December, our new catering manager, Chef Luann, joined Lainesmead.
Chef Luann is an experienced catering manager, across many sectors, including education.  She has many catering qualifications and is a trained chocolatier.

I am sure you have noticed the changes that have been made to the menus since Chef Luann’s arrival.  Feedback from the children has certainly been very positive, and all are telling us how much they are enjoying the hot dinners being provided.  In terms of changes made, especially to the puddings being offered, Chef Luann is using natural ingredients to sweeten these, for example the flapjacks, which were very popular last week, were made with honey; the homemade cookies are sweetened with apricots rather than the traditional sugar.  Chef Luann is working very hard to ensure the children are being provided with the most nutritional and healthy meals possible within guidelines of the meal standards in schools.

She has also already been working with different year groups developing cooking in the curriculum.  She has spoken with the school council at length to discuss what the children would like to see on the school menu.

We are planning on a number of sessions where parents can come in to sample some of the hot dinners and puddings on offer.  Look out for more information to follow on this in the future.

Please remember that scooting, cycling or rollerblading is STRICTLY FORBIDDEN within the school grounds.  This is to ensure everyone’s safety.  There are many blind-spots in the school and taking part in any of the above activities puts everyone using the grounds in danger.

Furthermore, we are, again, receiving an increased number of calls from local residents regarding the parking at the start and end of each day.  Local residents have right of access to their driveways.  Even if there are no double-yellow lines across their driveway, they continue to have right of access.  Please respect all residents in the local community and do not park across a driveway.

Parking on double-yellow lines, even for the briefest of periods is ILLEGAL. Parking on these lines is not only an inconvenience for local residents but is also a danger to the life of a child in the school.  Double-yellow lines and the ‘School Keep Clear’ lines are there for a very good reason – to protect the children and adults arriving and leaving the school.