September 8 Newsletter


We have had a fantastic return to school, with the children settling to their learning quickly.  It has been particularly pleasing to see how well the newest children in school, both in Nursery and Reception, are settling in.  Many thanks to all the Nursery and Reception Parents for helping us with the transition into school, you play such a valuable role in ensuring that the children come in ready for their learning.

Lots of work was undertaken during the summer holidays.  There are new doors on the TA Bays in KS2, 2 new offices: 1 for the Mrs Mepstead upon her return and 1 for Miss Bees and Mrs Saxby, in their new roles as Assistant Headteachers. 

The Family Centre has also been changed a great deal, with the walls all coming down in preparation for the reorganisation of the area into the school office and the new nursery.


For the last 2 year we have had a  ‘Class Reps’ system.  We were delighted when so many parents came forward as reps for their class and were able to support the school to carry out vital fundraising activities.  Last year, the dedicated group helped us to raise so much money to enhance the environment and books in the school.  Without their help, this simply would not have happened.

We are always looking for extra helpers.  All we ask is that you can dedicate a small amount of time to meet with Mrs Jayne Peer, our Parent Support Advisor, to help to organise our discos, quizzes, Christmas and Summer Fetes.

If you are interested in becoming a class rep (or continuing in the role) please do let Mrs Peer know on: 07730 139574 or email her on” Alternatively, speak to an adult on the doors at the start of the day who will pass on your details to Mrs Peer.


Value for September:RESPECT

In the first assembly back, I shared with the children the story of The Lion and the Mouse from Aesop’s Fables and asked how the lion could have shown more respect to the mouse.  The children’s responses were, as ever, fantastic.  We then related this to how we can show respect in school, particularly by following the school rules and the children’s roles and responsibilities in school. 


Alongside the information we gained last year from our Parent Coffee Mornings, please could I encourage you to complete the parent survey on the Parent View website.  This is invaluable for us in looking at how we can improve as a school.


Staff at the school always welcome a discussion with parents.  Please do note, however, that the best time for this is at the end of the day.  Should parents have a concern that they would like to discuss then please always speak to the class teacher first.  If this is then not resolved, a form must be completed in the office.  You will then be contacted by the Assistant Headteacher for the Key Stage (Miss Bees—EYFS/KS1, or Mrs Saxby—KS2) to discuss this further.  If the matter needs further consideration, then it will be passed to Mrs Painter.

Below is a list of classes and staff assigned to those classes, including the days they work, where necessary.  Should you wish to contact the class teacher for any reason then please use their school email addresses as follows.

Nursery (Swindon and Wiltshire Classes) –

Mrs J Baldry (Mon—Wed):
Mrs H Smith (Thurs and Fri):


Scotland Class: Mrs M            
Wales Class: Miss Boase:

Year 1:

Germany Class: Mr D Brown:
France Class: Miss K Bees (Mon—Wed):
Mrs H Byrne (Thurs/Fri):

Year 2
Spain Class: Miss C Vardy:
Iceland Class: Mrs N Telling:

Year 3:
Canada Class: Miss S McClintock:
Russia Class: Mrs C Hatherall (Mon-Wed):
Mrs A Chapman (Thurs/Fri):

Year 4:
Mexico: Miss C Lay:
South Africa: Mrs S Dodson (Mon-Wed):
Mrs B Smogur (Thurs/Fri):

Year 5:
China Class: Mr J Tew:
Brazil Class: Miss J Martin:

Year 6:
New Zealand Class: Miss N Griffiths:
Australia Class: Mrs D Saxby (Mon/Tues all day, Wed pm):
Mrs H Jones (Wed am and Thurs/Fri):

The children have come back to school looking very smart, on the whole.  However, a number of children who have come back wearing trainers, Please could I remind you that school policy states that shoes are expected as footwear and not trainers.

School policy also stated that hair should be kept neat with accessories that are blue or black—no large bows please!

Many thanks for your support with this.


It has long been the policy of the school that packed lunches brought from home and consumed in school provide pupils with healthy and nutritious food that is similar to the regulated standards of cooked food served by the school.

Could I use this opportunity to remind you that the policy also states the following in relation to nut products in school:

The school does not permit any nuts or nut products on the school site.  This includes almonds, pecans, walnuts, pistachios, cashews, chestnuts, brazil nuts, pine nuts, macadamia nuts and peanuts.

Nuts and nut products (such as peanut butter) can cause allergic reactions, which are sometimes severe.  Anaphylaxis (a severe reaction to nuts) can be life-threatening.
The risk even though small is still very real and one that is taken seriously by the school. Although we cannot guarantee a nut free environment by banning nuts or nut products we are reducing the opportunities for allergy related incidents.

As a result of many fewer children using the tuck facility at break time, we have made the decision to stop providing this.  Therefore, please ensure that children are provided with a piece of fruit to eat at break time


A reminder that children are to be dropped off at the classroom doors in Reception and Key Stage 1 and at the playground doors in Key Stage 2.  This system works extremely well and ensures that registers are taken promptly, with lessons starting on time.

We completely understand that, occasionally, parents have messages to pass on to the class teacher and are fully supportive of this happening.  This is why we always have adults placed at each of the classroom doors who will ensure that any messages are passed on to the class teacher.  However, if a longer conversation is needed, then please do inform the office or arrange an appointment with the class teacher for the end of the day.  I know that they are only too happy for this to happen.


Tuesday 19th September
Royal Ballet classes for Year 3 start and continue every Tuesday for 6 weeks

Wednesday 20th September
Reception ‘Talking’ workshop at 2:15pm

Thursday 21st September
Official opening of Lainesmead Sensory Garden

Wednesday 27th September
Reception ‘Telling stories/reading’ workshop at 2:15pm

Wednesday 4th October
Nursery and Reception  ‘Interactive Learning Diary’ workshop at 2:15pm

Monday 16th October
Fabulous Finish afternoon for Y1—5
2:20pm – Year 2 assembly – starting with a 10 minute presentation on E-Safety (please note that these are different to last year’s)

2:30pm – Years 1, 2, 4, 5 Fabulous Finish  afternoon begins

A reminder that our school app called Schoop holds the most up-to-date information on the school calendar which is no longer available on the website.

Therefore, please could I urge you to download this free app for the most current information.

In order to download visit the website: and follow the instructions.  Our school ID number is 6929