May 5th Newsletter

It has been strange to start the term and then have a long weekend only one week after we were back from the Easter holidays! I do hope everyone enjoyed the time off, however!

This is a very short term but a very busy one. The main focus for this term are the end of key stage assessments that must be completed. Firstly, there are the Year 6 SATs next week. The children have worked so hard this year and we are very proud of them. I know that they will all try their very best. We wish them all ‘Good Luck’ for next week.

We then look to the Year 2 SATs which then commence throughout the rest of the term (there is no set timetable for the Year 2 tests). These tests are marked within school and are taken in a friendly, relaxed way.

All of the assessments being completed, in other years as well as Year 2 and 6, contribute to our teacher assessments of the children which will be reported to you in the end of year reports.

VALUE OF THE MONTH: THOUGHTFULNESS                                                                

Mrs Mepstead led the assembly for this month’s value. She asked the children to think about what thoughtfulness means and how we in school can demonstrate this value each and every day. The children took part in a quiz which asked them to consider their thoughtfulness throughout the school day. Please do talk to your children about how they can display this value.


Many children have returned from the holidays not following the school’s policy on uniform. Please could we use this opportunity to remind you that the uniform is as follows:

Boys uniform
A navy sweatshirt or jumper
White/light blue/navy polo shirt
Black/navy/grey trousers or shorts (summer)
Black/brown shoes (not trainers)
Dark socks

Girls uniform
A navy sweatshirt/jumper/ cardigan
White,/light blue/navy polo shirt
Black/navy/grey trousers or skirt
Navy blue and white striped or checked (gingham style) dress
Black/brown shoes (not trainers)
White socks

Brightly coloured socks, tights or hair bows are NOT acceptable.

Summer footwear:
Appropriate traditional school sandals with closed toes (i.e. no flip flop style, heels or strappy sandals) can be worn in school in the summer term.

As you are aware, Mrs Mepstead is going to be leaving us at the end of this term (her last day in school is Wednesday 24th May) as she commences her maternity leave.

I am delighted to announce that for Term 6 Mrs Timbrell and Mrs Smith, who is returning from maternity leave, will be sharing responsibility for the class. Mrs Timbrell already knows the class well, having provided leadership release time for Mrs Mepstead throughout the year. Mrs Smith will be completing two days with the class whilst Mrs Mepstead is here in order to get to know the children. However, I do know that many of the children will know her already having been a familiar face to many of them in the past.

You will also shortly receive news regarding arrangements to celebrate Mrs Timbrell’s time at Lainesmead prior to her retirement.


As you know, we have a school app called ‘Schoop.’ We send messages to individual year groups and to the whole school with important reminders from this app.

Schoop also holds the most up-to-date information on the school calendar which is not longer available on the website. Therefore, please could I urge you to download this free app for the most current information.

In order to download visit the website: and follow the instructions. Our school ID number is 6929.


A large number of children have returned to school since the Easter holidays with a fidget spinner. We are aware that these are the latest ‘craze’ to hit the high street! The original purpose of these spinners was to provide support for those children who have recognisable and diagnosed problems with concentration.

Unfortunately, we are already having issues on the playground. Children have been swapping their spinners and then falling out when a swap doesn’t work out. Equally some children are upset when their spinner is broken.

It has also become apparent that the children are using these in class when there is no specific need for this. It is then providing a distraction for that child and for the children around them.

A very small number of children across the whole school have been permitted to use these spinners as a result of a conversation between a parent, the class teacher and/or Mrs Chapman (AHT for Inclusion). No other children should therefore have a spinner in school.

Please do not send your child in with a spinner as they are not to be used in school.

We appreciate your support with this matter.


You may have seen in the Swindon Advertiser over the holidays that Lainesmead has been awarded a grant by the Department for Education to extend our Nursery provision. A great deal of hard work was put into creating this bid during the summer holidays last year and we were initially told that we had not been awarded the funding.

It therefore came has a huge surprise at the beginning of March when we were informed that this money could now be given to us as well as 3 other nursery providers in the town.

Since then we have been in talks with the Local Authority on the implementation of this project. There is still a lot of work to do in order for this added provision to go ahead, work which must be done in close liaison with the grant provider—the Department for Education.

Unfortunately, due to the triggering of a General Election next month, the process has been delayed. However, we are very excited at the thought of this project going ahead and once we have confirmed details and plans we will be delighted to share these with you— we hope to have them up and ready for display in the summer fayre as well as our Pride of Lainesmead Awards.

Should you wish to view the article it is available at:

Dates for your Diary

Please note that all dates are now only available through our school app (Schoop) and not through the website.

Monday 8th—Friday 12th May:
Year 6 SATS Week

Monday 15th—Friday 19th May:
Year 2 SATS Week

Wednesday 17th May
b>Year 1 Parents Coffee Morning 9—9:30am

Tuesday 23rd May
IPC Fabulous Finish Afternoon
2:15pm – Year 5 assembly – starting with a 15 minute presentation on E-Safety
2:30pm – Years 1, 2, 3, 4 and 6 Fabulous Finish afternoon begins

Wednesday 24th May
Year 2 Parents Coffee Morning 9—9:30am

Friday 26th May:
Break up for half term holiday at 3.15 pm

Monday 29th May—Friday 2nd June:
Half term holiday

Monday 5th June:
All pupils return to school

Monday 12th/Tuesday 13th June
New to reception parents meetings at 6pm

Tuesday 20th June
KS1 Sports day (pm)

Wednesday 21st June
Year 5/6 Sports Day (pm)

Thursday 22nd June
Y3/4 Sports Day (pm)

(All sports days are weather permitting)