Start of Term 1 Newsletter


Welcome back to a new school year.  It was a pleasure leading assembly on Monday seeing familiar faces and a few new ones as well! The new children in Reception have settled in well and I look forward to getting to know them.  It was also fantastic to see so many children looking smart in their school uniforms, it really helps them to feel part of the Lainesmead family.

I would like to take this opportunity of welcoming some new staff to Lainesmead Primary School.  In our new Nursery we have: Mrs G Painter, Mrs T Chesterman and Mrs E Whitmore.

In Reception we have Mrs C Smith and Mrs J Vallis (previously of Shining Stars). Finally, in Year 5 we have Miss J Martin.  I am sure they will be very happy here.

A noticeable change this year is that Mrs Timbrell has chosen to reduce the number of days she works.  She will now work Mondays through to Thursdays.  Should you wish to make an appointment with her please ensure that it is on one of these days.  Please contact Mrs Chapman or Mrs E Painter on a Friday with any queries usually directed to Mrs Timbrell.

The value for this term is: CO-OPERATION

 “Alone we can do so little, together we can do so much.”  Helen Keller – an American author, political activist, and lecturer. She was the first deaf-blind person to earn a Bachelor of Arts degree

As we start the new school year we look ahead to the opportunities ahead of us – all of us.  The value we are starting with this year is so important that without it we would not achieve most of what we are capable of – co-operation.

In assembly, I asked for volunteers to take part in a competition.  After placing the children into 2 teams at either end of a rope, I explained that I have placed prizes around the hall for each team but that they couldn’t let go of the rope to get their prizes. After a short time of playing tug-of-war, I asked for suggestions from the other children for how the teams could retrieve their prizes.  The answer was for them both teams to walk, carrying the rope, to one side of the hall and pick up the prize, then walk together to the other side and pick up the prize there.

The children were then told the parable of the two donkeys. Once upon a time, two donkeys were left tied to each other in a stable. One donkey’s feeding trough was at one end of the building, and the other’s was at the other end. They pulled and pulled at each other, trying to drag the other to their trough, till they collapsed hungry and exhausted to the floor. The donkeys were hungry, despite having been given plenty of food, because they refused to cooperate. They could have walked together to one trough and then to the other and both been well fed.

Explain that competing against each other can be fun; it can be healthy, and can lead us to try harder. However, competing can cause problems, especially if we do not care for and help others. Also, when we cooperate and work together we can often achieve much greater things, more easily. This is true for us, and for our country, and for all the nations of the world.

The children were asked to reflect on how to work as a team – having good wishes for each other; that those who give co-operation receive co-operation; that co-operation is everyone’s responsibility but takes courage and willpower to achieve; and finally that co-operation requires recognising the unique role of every individual whilst keeping a sincere, positive attitude.


The strong community ethos of the school is reinforced by the school uniform we ask the children to wear.  Please could I reiterate school policy that shoes are expected as footwear and not trainers. Many thanks for your support with this.


A reminder that children are to be dropped off at the classroom doors in Reception and Key Stage 1 and at the playground doors in Key Stage 2.  This system works extremely well and ensures that registers are taken promptly, with lessons starting on time.

We completely understand that, occasionally, parents have messages to pass on to the class teacher and are fully supportive of this happening.  This is why we always have adults placed at each of the classroom doors who will ensure that any messages are passed on to the class teacher.  However, if a longer conversation is needed, then please do inform the office or arrange an appointment with the class teacher for the end of the day.  I know that they are only too happy for this to happen.


Below is a list of classes and staff assigned to those classes, including the days they work, where necessary.  Should you wish to contact the class teacher for any reason then please use their school email addresses as follows.



Swindon (morning)/Wiltshire (afternoon)

Mrs G Painter (Mon – Thurs):

Mrs J Baldry (Fridays):


Wales Class – Mrs Chappell-King (Mon-Wed):

Mrs Hatherall (Thurs/Fri):

Scotland Class – Miss Stringer:

Key Stage 1

Year 1

France Class – Miss Rance:

Germany Class – Miss Bees Miss Bees:

Mrs Hatherall (Tues/Wed afternoons):

Year 2

Spain Class – Mr Price:

Iceland Class – Mrs Telling:

Key Stage 2

Year 3

Canada Class – Mr Tew:

Russia Class –  Miss Vardy:

Year 4

Mexico Class: Miss Lay:

South Africa Class: Mrs Dodson (Mon-Wed):

Mrs Smogur (Thurs/Fri):

Year 5

Brazil Class – Miss Martin:

China Class – Miss Griffiths:

Year 6

Australia Class – Mrs Saxby (Mon – Wed):

Mrs Jones (Thurs/Fri):

New Zealand Class– Mrs Mepstead:


We have had some lovely feedback from parents regarding the summer homework project that we set the whole school.  It was clear that the children were able to participate in so many of the activities, whether they stayed in Swindon, went away in this country or even went abroad! There was also a huge variety in the way children had chosen to present what they had done, from photos to PowerPoints, to showing things they had made.  Classes now swap work within the year group in order to anonymously judge the 2 being put forward for prizes.

Mrs Timbrell and I certainly struggled to decide on the winners! The following children were chosen as a result of the fact that they had presented their work in an interesting way and covered a number of the points on the homework sheet:

Year 1 – Poppy Muncey

Year 2 – Tyler Medwell

Year 3 – Ella Thornton

Year 4 – Kamyla Meldrum

Year 5 – Jessica Clarke and Chelsea White

Year 6 – Tabitha Shurey


I am delighted to inform you that on August 8th Mrs Smith gave birth to Emilia Rose.  Both mother and baby are doing well and came to visit the staff on our T D Day on Friday 2nd September.  I am sure you will join us in wishing Mrs Smith and her family all the very best.


On Thursday 15th September we will be running our yearly ‘Meet the Teacher Meetings.’

This will be an opportunity for you to meet your child’s class teacher and learn about the expectations of the new year group.  We will be running these as 2 workshops, one at 3:30pm and one at 4:00pm, giving parents an opportunity to move between classes more easily, without missing any vital information. Children are welcome to attend to hear the messages delivered by their teachers.

As a response to suggestions made on parent questionnaires, we will focus the workshops on the teaching of maths, and in particular the types of written methods used in each year group, and homework expectations.

This is a vital opportunity for all parents to be informed of the expectations of the new national curriculum and the way maths teaching has changed as a result.


We are always keen to welcome new parent governors to the governing body and I am very pleased to announce that Emma Diprose joined us at the end of the summer term.  Emma has 2 children at Lainesmead and was motivated to join us as she feels it is important for parents to have a voice and be actively involved in developing and shaping our children’s education and their future.

The other Governors are:

Aaron Thornton – Vice Chair                                                        Norma McKemey

Ali Cotton                                                                                    Shahid Khan

Bernard Maguire                                                                          Sharon Compton

Mrs Painter                                                                                  Mrs Timbrell

Miss Griffiths                                                                              Mrs Desciscio

Mrs Byrne

Our clerk to the Governors is Zahida Aslam

We look forward to meeting you at various school events through the year.


All dates have been published on our school app ‘Schoop.’  Please do download this in order to keep up to date with events!

Monday 12th September – Grand Opening of the Lainesmead Primary School Nursery

Tuesday 13th September – Year 3 Royal Ballet Workshops begin (PE kits needed in school)

Thursday 15th September – 3:30 and 4pm – Meet the Teacher – see details above

Monday 19th September – Harvest Assembly, donations made to Swindon Foodbank (details to follow)

Monday 19th September – Swindon Advertiser in Reception classes for ‘First Day of School’ photo

Tuesday 20th September – Y6 at Churchfields all day (details to follow shortly)

Friday 14th – Monday 17th October – Year 6 Isle of Wight Residential

Wednesday 19th October – International Primary Curriculum Fabulous Finish Afternoon (Years 1 – 6).

2:15pm – Year 2 assembly – starting with a 15 minute presentation on

E-Safety (please note that these are different to last year’s)

2:30pm – Years 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6 Fabulous Finish afternoon begins


This time last year we set up our ‘Class Reps’ system.  We were delighted when so many parents came forward as reps for their class and were able to support the school to carry out vital fundraising activities.  Last year, the dedicated group helped us to raise over £1500 from the Summer Fete alone! Without their help, this simply would not have happened.

We are always looking for extra helpers.  All we ask is that you can dedicate a small amount of time to meet with Mrs Jayne Peer, our Parent Support Advisor, to help to organise our discos, quizzes, Christmas and Summer Fetes. The first meeting for Class Reps is on Wednesday 14th September at 9am in the Family Centre.

If you are interested in becoming a class rep (or continuing in the role) please do let Mrs Peer know on: 07730 139574 or email her on . Alternatively, speak to an adult on the doors at the start of the day who will pass on your details to Mrs Peer.


This year we are introducing a new way of teaching Literacy (English).  We are adopting a Storytelling approach.  Throughout the year the children will be told and will learn at least 6 short stories.  By the end of the first week, the children should be able to come and tell you their whole story – please encourage them to do this.

We will continue to cover all elements of the National Curriculum through this approach, e.g. the teaching of spelling, grammar, sentence structure etc., but the focus will be on Storytelling.

If you would like to find out more about this approach then please do visit the Storytelling Schools Website, where there are examples of storytelling and a more detailed explanation of the process of storytelling.


Unfortunately, we have already had calls from local residents who are frustrated that they are unable to use their driveways at the start and end of the day due to inconsiderate parking.

Concerns have also been raised over DANGEROUS driving and parking.

This cannot continue.  We have been advised by the police that local residents must call them directly when issues arise and are therefore making this clear when a complaint is received.

Children’s safety is of utmost importance to us and we are concerned that children’s lives are being endangered by inconsiderate and dangerous driving and parking.

We understand that the start and end of the day are busy periods.  However, speeding and dangerous driving and parking could lead to a child being hurt.

Please support us and the local community is driving safely and parking sensibly around the school grounds.

Many thanks in advance for your understanding with this matter.