June Newsletter

The value for this term is: COURAGE

In assembly I told the children the story of Jamie, a timid boy, who was frightened of lots of things: thunder, wind, dogs and especially cows. The other boys at school often teased him but he did not complain; he didn’t call Barry names because of his ginger hair or make fun of Derek because of his glasses. He knew they couldn’t help these things any more than he, Jamie, could help his fears.
Jamie’s class was doing a project about farming and, along with the rest of his class, went on a school visit to a farm. Barry and Derek knew how timid Jamie was and thought this was an ideal opportunity to tease him even more. The class was split into groups and told to go off and find out what animals were kept on the farm and what crops were being grown. They were told not to go into the field where the cows were grazing as the farmer did not want any of the gates left open for the animals to escape. Knowing Jamie’s fear of cows Barry and Derek disobeyed the rules and led Jamie through a gate where they thought they had seen a herd of cows.
The field seemed empty except for one animal. ‘We’ll scare him,’ said Barry. ‘Look, Jamie, there’s a bull! It’s coming this way!’ said Derek. It was then that they realized it really was a bull and it was heading straight for them! Jamie was too frightened to run and instinctively headed for a nearby tree, while the other two fled and headed for the gate. The bull chased Jamie around the tree trunk instead of chasing the others in the open field, where it would easily have caught up with them.  By this time the teacher and the other children could hear the commotion and as Barry and Derek reached the safety of the gate they could see Jamie apparently keeping the bull busy while the two boys escaped. The farmer and his dog arrived and they were able to drive the bull into the next field. Jamie was safe.  He was declared a hero by the teacher and all his class. He admitted to them that he was too frightened to run away. ‘Never mind,’ said the teacher. ‘Many people are afraid at times yet they still find the courage to do brave things when necessary. You saved Barry and Derek from being attacked by the bull.’
Jamie felt much better after that. He grew braver and he felt much more confident. Jamie found that, slowly, he began to overcome his fears and was no longer afraid of thunder, wind, dogs, or cows. Bulls? Well, he hoped he would not meet one again!


We say ‘Goodbye’ to just one member of staff this year.  Mrs P Chahal, who has only been with us since September teaching in the afternoons in Greece class, is moving away from the area.  We wish her all the very best for the future.
Mrs H Smith, teaching in Year 3 this year will be away on a temporary basis as she is eagerly anticipating the birth of her second child.  As soon as there’s any news of the baby’s arrival we will let you all know!
We have now finalised the details for teaching staff for September.  We welcome 2 new members of teaching staff – Mrs Gen Painter (No relation to Mrs Painter) who will be teaching in Nursery and Miss Jen Martin who will be teaching in Year 5.

Nursery (Swindon and Wiltshire Classes) – Mrs G Painter (Mon-Thurs)/Mrs J Baldry (Fri)
Reception – Wales Class: Mrs M Chappell-King (Mon-Wed)/Mrs C Hatherall (Thurs/Fri)
Scotland Class: Miss J Stringer
Year 1 – Germany Class: Miss R Rance
France Class: Miss K Bees/Mrs C Hatherall (Tuesday and Wednesday afternoons)
Year 2 – Spain Class: Mr A Price
Iceland Class: Mrs N Telling
Year 3 – Canada Class: Mr J Tew
Russia Class: Miss C Vardy
Year 4 – Mexico: Miss C Lay
South Africa: Mrs S Dodson (Mon-Wed)/Mrs B Smogur (Thurs/Fri)
Year 5 – China Class: Miss N Griffiths
Brazil Class: Miss J Martin
Year 6 – New Zealand Class: Mrs A Mepstead
Australia Class: Mrs D Saxby (Mon-Wed)/Mrs H Jones (Thurs/Fri)

On Thursday 14th July, end of year reports will be sent home with the children.  Teachers work very hard on forming these reports to provide you with a full picture of how well your child has achieved this year.  As with previous reports, the terminology is new, in line with the changes to National Curriculum and Assessment Procedures.  If you do require any clarification regarding the reports then please do contact your child’s class teacher.
Included with the reports will be a letter informing you of your child’s new class and teacher from Monday 18th July and a map detailing where the class is situated.

TD DAYS 2016-2017

We have now confirmed all 5 TD Days for the next academic year, as follows:

Thursday 1st September 2016
Friday 2nd September 2016
Monday 31st October 2016
Tuesday 3rd January 2017
Friday 14th July 2017
Further dates will be available shortly and will be placed on the school app – Schoop


Friday 1st July – EYFS Assembly at 9:15am followed by sporting events
Thursday 7th July – International Primary Curriculum (IPC) Fabulous Finish Afternoon :
2:15pm – Year 1 Assembly, starting with a 15 minute presentation on E-Safety
2:30pm – Years 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6 Fabulous Finish afternoon begins

Friday 8th July – School Summer Fete starting at 3:15pm
Tuesday 12th July – Y6 Production of ‘The Wizard of Oz’ 2pm and 6pm
Thursday 14th July – Y6 Leavers Assembly at 9:30am (Y6 parents welcome) – tea and coffee served from 9am
Thursday 14th July – End of year reports sent home
Thursday 14th July – 6pm – Pride of Lainesmead Awards
Monday 18th July – Move Up week, children spend the week in their new classes
Friday 22nd July – End of term 6.  School finishes at 3:15pm.


It was a pleasure to present the certificates and stars to all the nominees for the Pride of Lainesmead Awards in assembly on Monday 20th June.  So many children have shone this year and have made their teachers proud.  The ‘golden envelopes,’ for those who were shortlisted of from each year group in each category were also handed out.  Well done to all nominees and we look forward to the Pride of Lainesmead Awards on Thursday 14th July.


The following Year 2 children recently attended a mini-athletics tournament at the County Ground:

Kai Coogan, Lara Santos Pereira, Julia Pawlowska, Connor Durant, Ansel Deulkar, Amy Vasishat, Julie Mezavilla and Rudy Durand.  The children competed against other children from Swindon schools in a whole range of athletics activities.  Particular note must be made of Rudy who came 9th overall for all events combined – 400m, thro, standing long jump and print.  In fact, Rudy’s sprint time was a very impressive 12.50 seconds!  We may have a future Olympian on our hands!


At the end of Term 4, Mrs Painter released a consultation document regarding changing the age range of the school from 4-11 to 2-11.  This was as a result of Shining Stars voting to close and to be taken over by Lainesmead.  A small number of responses were received as a result of the consultation which was taken to the Full Governing Body in Term 5. The responses were overwhelmingly positive.  A few points were raised which were then considered by the governors when deciding on the change of age range.  They are as follows:

  • How will places at the nursery be secured and managed at the new nursery?

Places at the school nursery will be allocated according to the criteria set out in the Nursery Admissions Policy with an intake in September and January. Should there be any further available places then an intake in April will also be possible. Parents are asked to apply directly to the school.

The school will manage the nursery with a member of the Senior Leadership Team having overall responsibility for the Early Years Phase (as currently happens).

  • Changing for operational reasons only makes sense if children are guaranteed a place in the school when they are entering Reception.

Unfortunately, as with any school setting which has nursery provision, government legislation states that admission to the school nursery class does not guarantee admission to the primary school, nor does attendance in the nursery class give priority to admission into the school. Our aim is that as the children and parents become more familiar with the school, the natural transition will be into Lainesmead Primary School rather than to any other school.

  • How many hours a week will the children have access to a qualified teacher?

An experienced Early Years teacher has been appointed for the nursery. There will be a teacher in the classroom for all sessions except for the allocated Preparation, Planning and Assessment (PPA) time that all teachers are entitled to under government legislation.

  • What will happen to the resources that currently belong to SSPS, will these be ‘purchased’ by the school for use as part of the new nursery?

Shining Stars must decide what happens to the resources they currently have. As a charity, they must donate or sell their resources to other charities. These cannot be given to the school as Local Authority Maintained Schools are not entitled to charity status. The school’s aim was to purchase the resources but, unfortunately, this has not been possible.

  • What is the school’s vision for the Nursery?

Nursery can set the tone of a child’s attitude to his or her whole school career. The establishment of the new nursery as part of Lainesmead Primary School will set this tone and further enhance the aims of the school. Nursery is about learning through play! At Lainesmead Nursery children will take part in play every single day. Much of this play will take place in the outdoor area – research shows that children use five times as many words when they play outdoors compared to indoors. There really is nothing like the freedom of playing outdoors to improve children’s physical and sensory development and their imaginations, not to mention the fun factor! Permeating this play will be a carefully structured plan which build progressively the skills the children will need for full-time school – children moving seamlessly from outside to inside to access this. Snacks and drinks will be available as part of the whole nursery experience. Of course, this will all be done to further enhance the children’s learning and skills, especially fine motor skills, e.g. spreading, pouring or cutlery skills. All of this would enable us to be outstanding in every field and become a flagship school for EYFS practice.

  • As a new setting, will it be subject to an Ofsted inspection before it opens?

The Nursery will be subject to Ofsted at the same time as the school. The Early Years has returned to become a separate section of an Ofsted Inspection Report, however, this does not mean that the nursery can receive a separate Ofsted.

  • What will the ‘school led nursery’ look like and where it be located?

Currently, the Nursery will open in the same mobile classroom on the school’s site, however, the facilities will be altered to bring the school’s vision of a nursery to life. There will be clear processes in place, including a more robust assessment system, teacher/parent consultation sessions and a focused curriculum to ensure the children make outstanding progress during their time with us.

  • The consultation shows that there is an assumption that the volume of traffic around the school will not increase. What plans does the school have for addressing road safety and traffic issues?

As the provision will not be expanding for September 2016, the amount of traffic will be unchanged to what it is currently. We completely understand the frustrations of local residents with regards to traffic issues at the start and end of the day. The school has sent out regular reminders to parents regarding parking restrictions and consideration for local residents. Many members of the Senior Leadership Team have challenged parents/carers who have parked inconsiderately. The school are often in communication with the local PCSO to support the school with traffic and parking problems. Recently a traffic warden has also been deployed to the area for the start and end of the school day.

The staff also talk to the children on a regular basis about road safety. Indeed, only just before half term there was a visit from ‘Mr Randini’ to deliver his ‘Road Safety Magic Show.’ He has provided feedback stating that “Lainesmead is one of the most supportive schools to Road safety in Swindon.” Mrs Ellison, the School Business Manager, has recently taken on the role of Travel Plan Co-ordinator and will therefore be working on improving the situation for all.