End of Term 4

This term has gone by even more quickly than the last and it seems a shock that we have only 4 days left!
We have had many success to celebrate this term. There have been so many trips out by various year groups. Without fail, the feedback we have received from the public has been positive. The children represent the school so well and we are very proud of each and every one of them.
I do hope that you have found this week’s Parents’ Evening Appointments useful. Schools are constantly receiving from the Government new information regarding assessment and we aim to provide information to you, our parents, regarding the progress and attainment of your child/children as clearly as possible. The process is constantly evolving, however, especially as we receive information on an almost weekly basis. We continue to have many members of the school compete innews1 various sporting competitions. Our Netball team continue to build their team spirit and skills and, despite having suffered a recent defeat, are second in the Swindon Schools league.



Celebrating Swindon’s 175th Birthday earlier this
term was a particular highlight. I know that the
children enjoyed hearing about Swindon’s history
and how it became and continues to become one of the fastest growing towns in the country. They were also very enthusiastic about our ‘last minute’ visitors – 2 members of the Swindon
Wildcats Ice Hockey team. That evening saw our big celebration disco and we were lucky enough to be joined by 2 Swindon Town Football Club players – namely James Brophy and Bradley Barry. The 2 players were brilliant with all the children, leading the singing of ‘Happy Birthday’ and then staying to chat and sign autographs.

I also had the pleasure of attending the Junior Music Festival in the Oasis only last night. The choir children had so many words to learn! They not only managed this but also sang beautifully and represented the school brilliantly. They are thoroughly ready to join in this summer’s Olympic celebrations.

We have also welcomed a new member of staff this term – Mrs L Poole – who has joined us as a Higher Level Teaching Assistant. Miss M Robinson, who many already know, has also now been employed as a HLTA. Both HLTAs will be covering classes across the whole school.

Mrs Painter


I do hope you received the flyer earlier this week announcing our Easter family fun afternoon (or ‘Egg-stravaganza’). This will run as the craft afternoon at Christmas with a few alterations. Parents, as previously, collect your child/children from their class at 2:30pm. Please then choose ONE activity to complete. Once that activity is complete, you are welcome to take your
child/children home. Should any parents be unable to attend, the child will remain in their classroom and will leave at 3:15pm as usual.



Many of you will be aware that it has been a long held ambition for the school to have its own Nursery on site. This year we have been in discussion with Shining Stars Pre-School, who are based on our site, regarding an amalgamation of their provision with the school. On Tuesday 15th March, the pre-school held an Extraordinary General Meeting where staff and parents were asked to vote on the amalgamation of the pre-school with Lainesmead Primary School. I am delighted to inform you that it was agreed to formally close Shining Stars and amalgamate with Lainesmead Primary School, thereby creating a Lainesmead Nursery in September 2016. More details regarding this will be provided in due course, including a meeting for Lainesmead and Shining Stars parents to explain the changes and processes.


We are aware that the students of Churchfields are using inappropriate language in front of Lainesmead children and do not always respond appropriately to adults when confronted about this. I would like to reassure you that we are currently working very closely with the Senior Leadership Team at Churchfields to address the issues at the end of the day regarding the use of the play park. I know that Churchfields are keen to know the names of the students in order
to address their behaviour directly with them. If you prefer us to pass on this information then please do contact the office regarding this.


Congratulations to Mrs Smith in Year 3 who is expecting her second child during the summer holidays. We are all very excited for her. She will remain as India class’s teacher on Mondays – Wednesdays for the remainder of this academic year before taking her maternity leave.


Thursday 24th March – Last Day of Term 4 and Easter Family Fun Afternoon from 2:30pm
Monday 11th April – T D Day, school CLOSED to pupils
Tuesday 12th April – Children return to school
Week beginning 18th April – Year 2 to sit their Reading SATs
Week beginning 9th May – Year 6 SATs


news4We have been asked to let parents know that Messy Church will meet this Sunday 20th March at King William Street School, Old Town from 3:30pm until 5:30pm. They will be celebrating Palm Sunday and hearing the Easter story.


There has been a great deal of publicity around Swindon recently regarding the closure of libraries in the town. For your information, there is a public meeting to discuss this matter. Please see the details below:

Public Meeting for all library users
Sunday 10 April 2-4 pm
In Christ Church Community Centre
Old Town Swindon SN1 3HB

Best-selling authors Alan Gibbons, Jake Arnott and Paul Cornell will speak in support of Swindon’s libraries.

Swindon Borough Council plans to save 65% of its Libraries Budget by 2020- that is £1.5M and the cuts threaten the services of 14 of Swindon’s 15 libraries
Come along and support the campaign.
Find us online:
FACEBOOK:-   Save Swindon’s Libraries
TWITTER:-       #saveswindonlibraries
Sign the petition to Save Swindon’s Libraries at change.org


news5I have had the pleasure of the following children for Head teacher’s lunch this
Reception: Jahvaya Webb, Amelia Yousaf, Taylor Gardner, Aliti Logavatu
Year 6: Maia Birkbeck, Jordan Grouby, Krisha Gurung, John Wetton
Year 5: Mia Wallace, Tyson Anscombe, Niamh Standley, Shivam Madan.


 This term we have had multiple calls from local residents who are becoming increasingly frustrated at the traffic and parking news6problems at the start and end of each day.

I myself witnessed parents shouting at each other on Eastern Avenue having become stuck due to the ILLEGAL parking that had taken place – parking across people’s driveways and on double yellow lines. This resulted in another car dangerously speeding around the corner as many children were attempting to cross the road. It was sheer luck that, in this incident, no one was hurt. This cannot continue!

Local residents have right of access to their driveways. Even if there are no double-yellow lines across their driveway, they continue to have right of access. Please respect all residents in the local community and do not park across a driveway.

Parking on double-yellow lines, even for the briefest of periods is ILLEGAL. Parking on these lines is not only an inconvenience for local residents but is also a danger to the life of a child in the school. Double-yellow lines and the ‘School Keep Clear’ lines are there for a very good reason – to protect the children and adults arriving and leaving the school.

Furthermore, we are increasingly seeing cars parked on the grass verges all around the school. There are clear signs in place stating that this should not happen. Again children’s lives are being endangered with this type of parking.

Many thanks in advance for your understanding with this matter.



 We have recently learnt that some of our childrennews8 are ‘daring’ each other to enter the Pumping Station and using social media to do this. The site is dangerous. We have reported the hole in the fence many times and continue to wait for it to be replaced. Please could we urge you to talk to your children, as we have done, that, for their own safety, they stay away from this derelict site? Many thanks for your cooperation with this.