Happy New Year!

Happy New Year! I do hope you all had an enjoyable and restful break.

It has already been busy start to the term with many exciting events planned to provide your children with the best possible learning experiences.


As you may be aware, the Government has introduced many changes to the way children in Years 2 and 6 will be tested against the New National Curriculum this year. We know that many of these changes can appear confusing when presented in the press.

Therefore, we would like to invite all Year 2 and Year 6 parents to a meeting where we will cover the changes and the implications for you and your child.

The Year 2 meeting will be held at 2:30pm on Wednesday 10th February.

The Year 6 meeting will be held at 6:00pm also on Wednesday 10th February


I do hope you all received the flyer regarding school uniform yesterday. One clarification to that flyer, school T-Shirts can be in white, light or dark blue, as available from the School Uniform shop (which will include the school logo) or from any outlet selling uniforms.

We really do appreciate your support with school uniform and know what a difference it makes to enable children to feel part of the Lainesmead community.


Since the start of term we have noticed that a small minority of parents are now, once again, coming in at the start of the day to help the children with their coats, bags etc. Please could we use this opportunity to remind you that we are working hard to develop children’s independence and that children should be dropped off at the classroom doors. This then enables the children to settle quickly to their learning and for lessons to start promptly.

Many thanks for your co-operation with this.


Two members of staff, Mrs Sara Burgess and Mrs Rachael Swatridge, have decided to complete a sky dive for the charity Diabetes UK!

I am sure you agree with me that this is an amazing, and very brave, thing to do. They have chosen to raise money for this charity as a number of children and adults in school suffer with Diabetes. They have established a ‘Just Giving’ page.

If anyone feels able to support 2 brave TAs in achieving their aim of raising £200 for Diabetes UK then do use the web address below to find their page – a link will also be available through our website and twitter feed.


In their own words:

“Rachael and I have been supporting children with diabetes in our school for a number of years.  We try to make each day as normal as possible for these amazing children. We have had an insight into living with diabetes and it is not easy! That’s why we want to ‘jump out of a plane for