Lainesmead News 26.04.19


Welcome back to Term 5 – a short but extremely busy term for us at Lainesmead!

Year 5 started the term with a bang, with a Viking Day!  They enjoyed learning about the Vikings for the day with a visitor, dressed as a Viking, and re-enacted famous events from that time.  Here are a few of the images from the fantastic day:

Year 1 also enjoyed their topic day yesterday with Mrs Telling dressing as Minnie Mouse and Mr Brown dressing as a policeman for the day!

Both these will certainly be memorable for the children and a great way to start their new topics!

We were very fortunate to have all the internal doors replaced by the Local Authority over the Easter holidays.  They look absolutely brilliant and have given the school a more modern look inside.  In half term and over the summer holidays further work will be carried out including completing a replacement roof for the school and a new, much more efficient boiler, all work which is very much needed!


This week’s certificates went to the following children for amazing work, attitude and showing the school values:

Germany: Giulianna                     France: Stan

Spain: Jacob                              Iceland: Miles

Canada: Ella                               Russia: Bobby

Mexico: Hashem                        South Africa: Charlie

Brazil: Mabel                            China: Eddie

New Zealand: Taher                  Australia: Casandra

Well done to Russia class (98%) and Iceland class (96.7%). Russia received extra time with PE equipment and Iceland landed on time on the climbing frames as their reward.  Well done to both classes.


Many of you would have seen the following post of our Facebook page this week:

Next year, one of our key areas for development is the embedding a love of reading for pleasure. To help with this, we would like to create a library which would be welcoming space that the children could access at break and lunch to read for pleasure. 
Unfortunately we have no inside space to house this. However, we have an idea after taking inspiration from other schools!

We think we may have already sourced a bus and thanks to Mr Powles for being invaluable in providing help with this!

We would love for this to be a whole community project and for as many volunteers to help with the renovation project as possible (materials will be provided).  If this is something you could help with please get in touch either via Facebook, Twitter or directly to us at the school!


At our chairs meeting on Wednesday this week, we set the upcoming agendas for the term. At our Curriculum Meeting, Mrs Chappell-King will be updating us on her actions in the Nursery and Early Years with a focus on how the children transition into Y1. We will also continue to follow up on how reading logs are used and monitored by the teachers in order to improve reading outcomes. At our full governors we will focus on analysing the data from mid-year assessments and discussing how to ensure governors are visible around the school. The Finance and Staffing Committee will focus on the budget, which will involve some extremely difficult discussions due to the massive cut in funding Lainesmead will face in the coming year.

Further to this, and having attended a meeting later that evening which focused on the current underfunding of schools, I was truly shocked to hear the stories recounted by teachers, head teachers and governors of the budget difficulties schools are currently facing.  Across Swindon, 67 schools have suffered cuts to per pupil funding since 2015. Lainesmead is currently facing a loss of funding of £573 per pupil.  As one speaker argued, why are we not outraged by this?

If you have a view you would like to share on any of the above agenda items or would like to get more involved with the school cuts campaign, please do not hesitate to e mail me.    


We know that children having been asking for some of the recipes from Chef Luann to make at home.  Here is our first one.  We hope you enjoy some home cooking together as a result!

Chef Luann’s Beef lasagne

Allergy information: Contains milk, wheat (gluten)*

Recipe type: Main meat dish

Preparation time: 50 minutes cooking time: 45 minutes

Quantity – serves 5


 Onion, peeled 60g (1 small)

Garlic, peeled 4g (1 clove)

Lean minced beef 250g

Dried oregano 0.5g (½ teaspoon)

Tomato purée 30g (2 tablespoons)

Canned chopped tomatoes 100g (½ x 200g can)

Water 200ml

Vegetable oil spread 20g

Plain flour 20g

Semi skimmed milk 200ml

Lasagne sheets 90g (5-6 sheets)

Cheddar cheese 30g


1. Preheat the oven to 180ºC/350ºF/gas mark 4.

2. Chop the onion and garlic.

3. Put a large pan on a medium heat, add the mince and cook until brown. Add the onions, garlic, oregano and tomato purée and cook for 5 minutes until the onion has softened.

4. Add the canned tomatoes and water and leave to simmer for 20 minutes.

5. Prepare a roux white sauce: in a separate pan melt the vegetable oil spread on a low heat. Once it has melted, stir in the flour cook on a low heat for 1–2 minutes. Gradually add the milk a little at a time stirring continuously, bringing the sauce to the boil until thickened.

6. In an ovenproof dish, layer the mince and lasagne sheets and top with a layer of white sauce.

7. Grate the cheese and sprinkle on the top. Bake in the oven for 45 minutes or until cooked throughout and golden on top.

Serving suggestion: Serve with garlic bread and peas


Many of you have supported this event in the past and taken part in the excitement of the Duck Race, organised by the Rotary Club of Swindon Old Town. This year the Duck Race will be held May 27th, Bank Holiday Monday, supported by many other activities and attractions throughout the day.

It is a great way to raise funds for the school. Each school will receive 75% of all the money it raises through selling Duck Race tickets, the other 25% will go to deserving charities, so the school benefits financially and plays a part in supporting charitable causes. All money raised through the event is paid out to schools and charities.

Please help this excellent event by buying Duck Race tickets and encouraging other people you know to buy some, if you can. Tickets will be on sale from the end of the school day from Monday 29th April.

The winning Duck will win £1,000 for its owner (each duck has its own unique number, and a matching ticket) and there will be six runners-up winning £100 each. Children can also enter a Poster Competition and may win the £125 first prize for their school.

Thank you for your support. Please contact the school should you want further information.


Monday 6th May

School Closed – May Day Bank Holiday

Week Beginning 13th May

Year 6 SATS

Year 2 SATS begin (spread over 2 weeks)


Year 4 Fabulous Finish and assembly (rearranged from Term 4)

Tuesday 21st May

Please note that therefore the fabulous finish on Wednesday 22nd will NOT be for Year 4

Wednesday 22nd May

Fabulous Finish – Year 3 Assembly

Friday 24th May

Last day of Term 5 – school finishes at 3:15pm

Week beginning 27th May

Half-term holidays

Monday 3rd June

First day of Term 6

Wednesday 11th June

New to EYFS2 Parents Meeting at 6pm


Huge well done to three of our Lainesmead children who have achieved some astonishing results recently.

Firstly, Lila in Y4, recently auditioned, alongside around 80 other girls, for Rambert School of Ballet in London, for their Ballet Boost programme. Amazingly Lila has just been offered a place for next year!  It is a prestigious ballet and contemporary dance school and it is a massive achievement for her to be offered a place. 

There has also been further swimming success for Amy and Lily in Year 5 who have both competed in separate events over the holidays and achieved a number of medals each, including gold, silver and bronze as well as being placed highly in their respective age groups.

Well done to all the girls, we are all very proud of your achievements.


Yesterday, Mrs Jones, Mrs Robinson and I were privileged to take a group of children to Wembley Arena to take part in Voice in a Million (VIAM). It was the 10th Anniversary concert of which this was the third year for us!  The concert was originally established to raise awareness for adoption and fostering and works alongside Adoption UK to raise money.  It is an absolutely wonderful concert, with the Lainesmead children joined by around 5000 children from schools across the country.  Songs ranged from ‘A million dreams’ from The Greatest Showman to a ‘Jai Ho/Uptown Funk’ mix.  The children represented the school brilliantly, singing and dancing with much enthusiasm right through to the end at 10pm.  It was a very long but very worthwhile day.  This is something we would love continue with next year for Years 5 and 6 so do look out for information next academic year.


The children in Years 2, 3, 4 and 5 have worked extremely hard this week during our Assessment Week.  As you may recall from our 7th December Newsletter, the children sit assessments during terms 2, 4 and 6 as part of our ongoing monitoring and to support the teachers in making a judgement about how well the children are learning in their year group. We also use these assessment points to identify which areas children are still finding difficult in order to be able to teach these areas again, if necessary.

This week’s certificates went to the following children for amazing work, attitude and showing the school values:
Germany: Aaliya                         France: Riley
Spain: Alee                             Iceland: Thomas
Canada: Bethany                        Russia: Prajeetha
South Africa: Salma
Brazil: Jake                            China: Dwelen
New Zealand: Sze Ka                 Australia: George


With all of the illnesses that have been around in the past few weeks, which have hit school staff as much as children, unfortunately we did not have any class who reached 96% during the last week. We hope that the illnesses are now coming to an end for our staff as well as for the children and are sure that we will be able to issue the award again next week.

I would like to take this opportunity to remind parents that should they have a concern about their child, please do approach a member of staff regarding this who will to their utmost to help you.  This includes if parents are worried about another child.  We ask that you talk to us first rather than speak to another parent, which might exacerbate the worry further.  There is always a member of the Senior Leadership Team on duty in the morning to talk to but please speak to the class teacher in the first instance.

This week, Wales and Scotland have enjoyed a trip to Bristol Aquarium. We had lots of fun exploring the underwater world and meeting lots of different sea creatures. To prepare for our trip, we watched the Bristol Aquarium video and then wrote lots of different questions about the sea-creatures we have been learning about in class. Lots of the questions related to what the animals ate and how they are fed by the people who look after them. Our favourite part of the trip was being able to watch the seahorses up close and walking underneath the sharks through the underwater tunnel!


We also enjoyed making sea-creatures in a variety of different ways. In our book corners, we have displayed our lovely jellyfish and starfish which has helped to make our book corners look inviting.
We have thoroughly enjoyed having our grown-ups visit during stay and play sessions this term. Thank you to those parents who have attended the different sessions. We hope these sessions have helped you learn more about Early Years and how you can support your children at home.


Helping your child to read:

Reading 1

When you are recording in your child’s reading log, remember it does not have to be a book that your child has read to you. You could record when you have read to, or shared a book with, your child.
There are many other ways that you can help your child to read. Here are a few suggestions:

Reading 2

  1. Encourage your child to read signs when you are out and about e.g. road signs, street names, names of familiar shops ….
  2. Ask your child to read food packets and offers when you are shopping.
  3. Read a recipe with your child when you are baking and encourage them to read the next steps in the recipe to you.
  4. Collect leaflets about the places that you visit and ask your child to read it and tell you what information they have found out. Give your child some holiday brochures – they can plan their dream holiday!
  5. Read instructions for a new toy/game/instructions for making models.
  6. Read birthday cards/party invitations. Encourage members of the family who live further away to write letters/emails/send postcards for your child to read.
  7. If you are eating out, ask your child to read the menu so that they can choose what they would like to eat.
  8. Ask your child to help read a map or directions if you are going somewhere new.
  9. Encourage your child to read the back of the cereal packet. There is usually lots of things for your child to read.
  10. Comics/magazines/annuals – children love these!


Monday 1st April
2:30pm Fabulous Finish
Please note that the Year 4 assembly that was due to take place during fabulous finish is being postponed a new date will be set for after the Easter holidays.

Friday 5th April
Last day of term
2:00pm – Easter Craft Activities for parents to attend
2:30pm – School finishes

Monday 8th April – Monday 22nd April

Tuesday 23rd April
All children (including Nursery) return to school

Friday 26th April
South Africa Class Day

Monday 6th May
School Closed – May Day Bank Holiday

Week Beginning 13th May
Year 6 SATS
Year 2 SATS begin (spread over 2 weeks)

We have previously reported the swimming success of Amy in Year 5.  She continues to achieve amazingly well. At last weekend’s Tigersharks Spring Meet swimming gala, Amy competed in 8 races, achieving 8 personnel bests and gaining four 2018-2019 County Times in the 50m, 100m, 200m and 400m Freestyle events.  Amy received 1 gold, 3 silver and 1 bronze medal. Huge well done to Amy!

Amy with her medals-03

Please could we remind you that it has long been school policy that nuts, or products containing nuts, should not be brought into school either for children’s snack or for lunch.  We have a number of children who have nut allergies in school and nuts in school are a direct threat to them.  If providing a sandwich for you children at lunchtime, if you are using chocolate spread, then please ensure that it is one that does not contain nuts.

Many thanks for your understanding and support with this.

Nut Free School

The Governors had a full governing board meeting on Tuesday 19th March where we were joined by Sally Arthur, our Achievement for All coach.

Achievement for All are a charity whose vision is “A World which all children and young people can achieve regardless of their background, challenge or need”. The Achievement for All programme is based on the belief that school leaders, teachers and support staff can have a profound impact on all children by raising their ASPIRATIONS and ACHIEVEMENTS and improving their ACCESS to learning. We heard about all the great work Sally and our teachers have carried out in the last 18 months and the impact this has made on attainment, attendance and relationships between the school and parents also.

We as Governors will be looking to carry out “school learning walks” focussing on particular areas in order to appreciate the work of the teachers and support staff and to see the children learning.

We welcomed Mel Hay as a new Governor, Mel also sits on the Curriculum Board. If you ever wondered who we all are, we each have pictures and our reasons for becoming Governors on the school website and are quite often found on the school playground with our children and grandchildren!



It has been an extremely busy week for us here at Lainesmead!

On Tuesday, Sarah Akkerman from BBC Wiltshire sound visited the school and spoke to a group of children about our plans for Red Nose Day and their knowledge of the charity.  I am pleased to say that the broadcast went out on Wednesday to the public.  You can listen again to it here: .  The actual interview is around 1 hour 30 minutes into the broadcast.

Wednesday was a particularly busy day.  Firstly, I had the pleasure of welcoming Azaria, Lewis, Isabella and Travis from Year 2 to Head teacher’s lunch. They are all clearly enjoying their time in Year 2 and were able to talk enthusiastically about their learning as well as how many teeth they were currently losing and how much the tooth fairy was giving them!

Secondly, the school’s football team played a match against East Wichel Primary School on Wednesday.  After a hard fought game, they came out victorious with a 4-2 win over their rivals.  Special mention must go to Connor who was awarded Man of the Match.

Finally on Wednesday, the choir performed at The Wyvern Theatre as part of the Swindon music festival.  Mrs Robinson and Mrs Chapman, who accompanied the choir, were extremely proud of the effort the children made during the rehearsal and the performance.  Here they are:

Choir at the Wyvern


This week’s certificates went to the following children for amazing work, attitude and showing the school values:

Germany: Albie                          France: out on trip
Spain: Jakey                            Iceland: Reece
Canada: Shane                           Russia: Sahana
Mexico: Mae                             South Africa: Federico
Brazil: Erica                           China: Beth
Australia: Alicia

Certificates of Excellence


Well done to Iceland Class (100%) and Australia Class (97.5%). For the second week running both landed on the same square on our Classopoly board – the ‘Chance’ one where the class can choose their own reward.


Year 3 had a fantastic time on World Book Day. We spent the day focusing on a book called ‘The Tin Forest’ by Helen Ward.

We started by imagining what would grow in the forest from the book. We named our plant, described what it looked like, explained how to plant it, how long it will take to grow, where to keep it and how to look after it. Later in the day, we planted our magic seeds and wrote instructions to tell other people how to do this as well. The costumes worn by the children were brilliant and we had a lengthy discussion about each one and why the children had chosen to come as the character that they did.



How to help your child to read tricky words

tricky words

Tricky words or high frequency words/common exception words as they are sometimes known, are words that do not fit phonics spelling patterns. These are words like go, no, me, she, do, come and said. They are words that can’t be sounded out using phonics. These are words that some children find difficult to read and to spell because they often try to use phonics to help them.

There are many ways that you can help your child to learn these words. First of all, children need to see these words regularly and recognise them in different sentences and books, It is important that children practise how to read and also how to spell them correctly.

Here are some tips for you to try at home:

  1. Introduce the tricky words slowly – try to practise a couple of new words a week.
  2. As well as learning a couple of new words, encourage your child to practise words already learnt – use flashcards or a computer game. and have many games designed for helping children to remember tricky words.
  3. Encourage your child to look at the word and identify the ‘tricky’ part – they could highlight this part and learn it first!
  4. Make learning fun – ask your child to practise writing the word in sand/different colour pens, flour, glitter. They will learn to recognise and read the word much quicker if it is fun!
  5. Ask your child to look for patterns/spelling rules in words – e.g. want. When a follows a w, the a nearly always makes a short o If you are unsure of the spelling rules, there are lots of places you can look on line. E.g.

    1. Use magnetic letters to spell the words on the fridge so that your child can see and read them often.
    2. Make the letters of the words with playdough/pasta shapes etc.
    3. Write the words on pebbles/rocks/card etc. and go on a word finding hunt.

It was a pleasure to hear this week about Lila’s (Mexico class) commitment to her dancing which has resulted in her doing extremely well in her recent Ballet, Tap and Modern Dance exams.  She received the following scores out of 100: 88 in ballet, 87 in tap, and 83 in modern.  These fantastic results meant that she passed all of the exams with a distinction. Lila spends 7 hours a week training, with extra time then put in to practise for competitions and shows.  Well done Lila, you really are showing what striving, achieving and excelling looks like in everyday life!



We have a confirmed case of head lice/nits once again this week.  Please could we ask you to spend some time over the weekend checking your child/children’s hair and treating them, if necessary.

Many thanks for your understanding with this.




Our school Facebook page is an open page, which means anyone can view its posts. This is just like the school website – which can also be viewed by anyone. Like our website, our Facebook page is another method of sharing the amazing things the children are doing at Lainesmead (they make us proud every day) as well as being another useful form of communication.

If we closed the page we would need to decide many things such as:  who would get to see our posts – parents only? Grandparents? When should parents of children who have left be removed? This could get rather complicated!


However, we are aware that some of our parents have concerns about their children’s photos being placed in a public forum and for that reason we have decided to update our parent permissions. Most of you would have decided how the school could use your children’s photos when they joined the school (for some of you more than 10 years ago), before we had our Facebook and Twitter accounts!


Please can we ask you to click on the link below and complete the form to update your permissions of how we use your child’s photos.


Thank you for your cooperation with this.


Survey monkey link:



The children are thoroughly enjoying exploring ‘The Land of Never Believe’ which is a text full of fantastical locations, creatures and plants. We have designed our own islands with unique characteristics such as growing legs to move destination. Next week, the children will be writing a non-chronological report to describe the features of their imaginative creatures.

In Maths, we have been focussing on statistics and interpreting information from graphs, pie charts and tables. We have also been investigating challenges involving algebra and finding the mean- preparing them for their SATs papers as well as life at secondary school. We really feel that the additional support given at home through the use of the revision guides is having a positive impact on the learning within the classroom- thank you for your continued efforts!

Fun was had by all last week when we participated in ‘World Book Day’. We wrote poetry and sketched art work linked to the text ‘Rose, John Brown and the Midnight Cat’. An extra display to celebrate this amazing learning has had to be created as the work produced was of such a high standard. We have also used the text ‘If the World were a village…’ this week as part of Maths Day (Tuesday) to introduce the topic of ratio and proportion. We think the use of sorting delicious sweets may have had something to do with the high levels of engagement and excitement throughout the day.



This week, Alan Mulrooney and I conducted a monitoring visit to school. The focus for the meeting was to look at the impact middle leaders (in this case year group leaders) are having in their new role. We met with Mrs Painter and Mrs Mepstead and looked carefully at their job descriptions before analysing the difference this new role has made, particularly to consistency between year group teachers and across the school. The Senior Leadership Team have produced a very focused monitoring calendar which focuses on a different issue each week, for example, classroom environment. Where teaching and learning is not as effective as it could be, year group leaders support teachers to improve. We were also impressed with the thorough research behind new initiatives that middle leaders have been at the forefront of implementing, the most promising of which is the changing role of TAs in the classroom. We spoke to a number of year group leaders who were all very positive about their role and could share numerous examples of the impact they have already had. The purpose of these termly visits is to ensure the school is progressing rapidly towards the targets set by Ofsted by seeing the evidence first-hand.  You should be reassured that the focus on this new role should impact on the outcomes produced by children, not just in end of term assessments, but in their learning every day.



Many parents will be aware that Mrs Beauchamp has unfortunately been away from school for a considerable period due to ill health.  I am now writing to let you know that, unfortunately, Mrs Beauchamp has made the difficult decision to end her time working here at Lainesmead.  We do hope to see her soon to give her an official send-off but in the meantime, I am sure you will join me in wishing Mrs Beauchamp well for the future.

Mrs Mann will be joining the Year 2 team as a TA Tuesday to Friday mornings.



Thank you all for your wonderful contributions towards our Red Nose Day cake sale today.  Here are the winners of the Great Lainesmead Bake Off.  Keep an eye out in the Swindon Advertiser as they will hopefully be appearing there as well.



Tuesday 19th March
2:30pm – EYFS2 Stay and Play

Wednesday 20th March
Choir perform at Voice in a Million (VIAM) in Wembley Arena

Monday 1st April
2:30pm Fabulous Finish

Friday 5th April
Last day of term
2:00pm – Easter Craft Activities for parents to attend
2:30pm – School finishes

Lainesmead News 08.03.19

It certainly was a strange start to the week with having to make the decision to close the school on Monday.  We fully appreciate that this was difficult for many parents as the decision was made with late notice.  However, we do want to put to rest some whispers and gossip regarding the situation.  Firstly, we had to investigate all the possible ways school could have remained open.  As it was discovered that the issue lay outside of the school’s control (you will have seen that a great deal of the field by the park had to be dug up as a result), the decision could only be made close to normal opening time.  We do apologise for the inconvenience this will have caused and fully appreciate that it was difficult for many.  We tried our very best to communicate this to parents as quickly as possible.  It was a unique event which we hope will never have to be repeated!

It was an absolute pleasure to welcome parents during our parents evenings this week.  We do hope that you have found the report provided a useful summary of how your child is progressing as well as giving your areas you can support with their learning at home.  Please do let us know if you have any comments in relation to the reports.

Year 3 have enjoyed two trips recently.  The first trip was to STEAM.  We want to say a huge thank you to the company BWT in Swindon for their contribution towards this trip which enabled it to go ahead.  The second trip to Cadbury World happened on Monday.  Again, we would like to thank the anonymous donor who enabled the contributions to reach 75% meaning that this trip could go ahead.


This week’s certificates went to the following children for amazing work, attitude and showing the school values:
Germany: Oakley                       France: Olivia
Spain: Jacob                          Iceland: Gracie
Canada: John                          Russia: Chester
Mexico: Eddie                         South Africa: Mason
Brazil: Sofia                         China: Julie
New Zealand: Jamal                   Australia: no certificate awarded this week

Certificate of Excellence

Well done to France class (99.7%) and Mexico class (99.3%). They both rolled a 6 on the dice and both landed on ‘Free Parking.’ This means that their reward time carries over to another time.

We do have a number of classes who are causing concern for their attendance at the moment.  Last week, Canada, China, New Zealand and Australia classes all fell below the 96% attendance expectation.  Please could we urge you to send your child/children into school.  If they are unwell we will always contact you to send them home.

Just a reminder of our Easyfundraising account.  Register for an account using the link below and then, when you are shopping online, go in via the easyfundraising account and a % of your purchase will come to us in the school.  It really is that easy!


Where can I find books that are good quality and age appropriate for my child?

Sometimes it can be hard to find a book that your child will enjoy and that is written at a level that they can read, understand and enjoy.

There are several places that you can go to when looking for a book to share with your child: – This website has a recommended list of books from year 1 to year 6. Books are organised under a selection of headings e.g. animals, mystery, favourite authors, humour, fantasy …. – This website also has a recommended list of books for children. They have organised their lists into sections – one for Early Years (foundation), key stage one, lower key stage 2 and upper Key stage 2. This website has a mixture of fiction and non-fiction books. – This website has free downloadable guides to recommended books from Nursery all the way up to year 6. Pie has not only chosen high quality texts but he also explains why he has chosen them and gives ideas for how you could use them with your child at home.

Happy Reading!


Huge well done to Lexie from Spain class who recently took a Tap Dancing exam and did brilliantly!  She achieved a score of 74 out of 100 which meant that she passed with merit.  We, and her family, are very proud of her achievement. Well done Lexie.


Parents if you have any more news like this you would like to share, then please do let us know via the school email address.

We have been contacted by BBC Wiltshire who are asking for as many schools in the area to participate in a Comic relief live broadcast.

BBC Wiltshire have asked us to help them to turn the nose of the Hackpen White Horse red. To do this they are asking for donations of any old red items to the cause.  These will be collected from the school next week and once the nose has been turned red all items will be donated to charity shops.  BBC Wiltshire will also be coming to record some of the children talking about Red Nose Day and our plans as a school.  This will be included in the broadcast.

If you are able to donate anything then please send your item/items in with your child, preferably in a carrier bag by TUESDAY 12th MARCH at the latest.  These will be collected together in the hall for BBC Wiltshire to take.

BBC Wiltshire

Year 5 have had an exciting time lately. This term we have started our swimming lessons. The children have shown an enthusiasm and determination to learn and improve their swimming skills. We look forward to seeing how they progress over the next few months.

Last term, we also enjoyed a fantastic school trip at the Ashmolean Museum. The children experienced an enriching workshop in which they got to handle artefacts that were used by the Ancient Greeks.  In Art, the children have designed and made their very own Greek pots using clay. The pots they created looked fantastic and the attention to detail showed off their knowledge of Greek patterns. This term, the children will be learning about the different Biomes of the world. We can’t wait to see what they discover!


Tuesday 12th March
2:30pm – EYFS2 Stay and Play
Year 2 Parents SATS Information Meeting 2:30pm and 6:00pm

Friday 15th March
The Great Lainesmead Comic Relief Bake Off (Cake Sale at the end of the day) Please see the flyer sent out earlier this week

comic relief

Tuesday 19th March
2:30pm – EYFS2 Stay and Play

Wednesday 20th March
Choir perform at Voice in a Million (VIAM) in Wembley Arena

Monday 1st April
2:30pm Fabulous Finish, Y4 Assembly

Lainesmead News 15.02.19


Lainesmead Primary School and Nursery’s Weekly Newsletter
Twitter: @LainesmeadSch

Over this term, many year groups have been on some wonderful trips linked to the topic they have been learning about in class.
Year three recently went to the STEAM Museum linked to their ‘Brilliant Brunel’ topic.  They took part in a wonderful workshop and spent time exploring the museum.  They thoroughly enjoyed their day which enhanced what they had learnt in class.
Last week, Year 5 went to the Ashmolean Museum for their ‘Journey Back to Ancient Greece’ topic.   Again, they learnt a lot more about the Greeks during their visit, supporting the work they have been doing in class.

Y3 trip Y5 trip

There has been a great deal of chat regarding the way trips are funded.  We’d like to thank parents who have approached the leadership team on duty to query this.  As a result, we would like to clarify exactly how the cost of a trip is arrived at.

Firstly, Government policy states that if the activity cannot be funded without voluntary contributions, the governing body or head teacher should make this clear to parents at the outset.”  This is why our letters state that any contribution is voluntary.  However, the policy goes on to state that “If insufficient voluntary contributions are raised to fund a visit, or the school cannot fund it from some other source, then it must be cancelled.” This is stated in our letters.
The cost of each trip is worked out very carefully.  The cost of the venue and transport are divided equally by the number of children due to attend.  If the request is regarding a visitor to the school, the calculation is completed in the same way but without the transport costs.  This gives the cost for each individual child.
The school receives no additional money for trips and any shortfall in contribution must come out of the school’s standard budget.  Rest assured, the school makes no money from trips. In fact, in the last year the school supported trips and visitor to the amount of approximately £10,000.
We think trips are a vital part of school life. However, with school budgets continuing to be reduced it is impossible to subsidise them in the way that we have been.  This is why we have been clear in our letters that contributions must arrive by a set date and make up 75% of the total cost.
We do hope that this has provided clarity in the way trips are financially supported.

As half term approached, we noticed more and more children not following the school’s policy on school uniform.  We understand that, as it was close to the holiday, many parents preferred to wait until the holiday to purchase replacement uniform items. Therefore, we would like to take this opportunity to remind you of the school uniform expectations within the governor approved policy.

Boys’ winter uniform
A Lainesmead sweatshirt/plain navy sweatshirt or jumper (Hooded sweatshirts are not permitted)
White or Navy polo shirt
Black or grey trousers
Flat black/brown shoes*
Dark socks

Girls’ winter uniform
A Lainesmead sweatshirt/a plain navy sweatshirt, jumper or cardigan (Hooded sweatshirts are not permitted)
White or Navy polo shirt
Black or grey trousers or skirt (not leggings)
Flat black/brown shoes*
White socks
Plain black/white/grey tights

* Trainers of any kind are not permitted as school uniform.  This includes black trainer.



Reading to your child at home

Helpful hints!

  • Set aside some time to read with your child. Choose somewhere quiet with no distractions.

Turn off the TV and shut out all of the background noise.

  1. Ask your child to choose a book that you can read.

If your child has chosen a book, they are more likely to be engaged and will listen more carefully.

  1. Sit close together. Ask your child to hold the book and turn the pages for you.
  2. Point to the pictures. Encourage your child to point out the illustrations and relate to something that they already know. Ask them to describe the characters/setting. Make predictions about what might happen next using what they can see in the pictures. You could use the pictures to tell your own stories together.
  3. Encourage your child to talk about the book that you are reading. This is a great time to build your child’s vocabulary. Let them ask about the meanings of new words. Talk about the events of the story and the characters – what do they like/dislike about the book or the characters? What is their favourite part of the book? What new facts have they learnt? Ask questions – what might happen next? How do they think the character is feeling? How do they know?
  4. Make it fun! It does not matter how you read the book. Reading should be enjoyable – something that you can share together and talk about.

For further information, the booktrust website has many other tips for reading at home with your child.


Once again this year we will be celebrating World Books Day on Thursday 7 March.  We would like the children to come dressed as a book character.  They will need to be able to talk about their character with their class.  We do hope that this provides sufficient notice to organise a costume for all by 7 March.

We look forward to seeing the wonderful costumes they come to school in!

And don’t forget this is about Books – so Keep Reading!

As you will be aware, we have a school app named Schoop.  We are increasingly sending information via this app rather than texting.  If you have not yet downloaded the app, please can we encourage you to do so as soon as possible, as SCHOOP is one of the main forms of communicating information to parents. Below are the instructions for downloading the app on various devices.

If you have an iPhone, iPad, Android phone or tablet

  • On your iPhone or iPad click the App Store button
  • On your Android phone or tablet click the Google Play button
  • Search for Schoop and download the FREE app
  • Run the app and follow the instructions
  • Enter our Schoop ID: 6929
  • Add the years and groups relevant to you
  • That’s it – you’re in the loop!

If you have a Windows Mobile, Blackberry, PC or Mac

  • Go to
  • Enter our Schoop ID: 6929
  • Add your email address and choose relevant years and groups
  • Select your preferred language, if applicable.
  • Click CONFIRM, and you’re in the loop!

If you need help please don’t contact the school. Schoop will answer any of your questions.  Go to: and click on Support, or send an email to


In a large school, there are often cases of head lice/nits reported to us and we try to respond to these when we have the information.
As next week is half term, please could we urge you to spend some time checking the children’s hair and treating them, if necessary, in order to start Term 4 as a head lice/nit free school!
Many thanks for your understanding with this.

You may recall that before Christmas we set up a web based fundraising page through Easyfundraising.  After some initial problems, we are pleased to announce that these have all been ironed out and the site is now fully working.  Over the last 30 days, through this site, there has been £35.91 raised for the school.  We would love it if more was raised!  We can add this to our pot of money for iPads or to go towards school trips to ensure they are not cancelled.

Please could we urge you to set up an account (it is completely free) using the link in the poster below.  Then, when you want to make an online purchase, simply access the site via Easyfundraising and the school automatically receives a percentage of the cost of the item.  It really is that simple!


Wow! What a busy term we have had in Year 3! Our topic this term has been ‘Brilliant Brunel’ and we have really enjoyed learning about everything he built. The children have been really interested in this topic and visiting ‘STEAM’ as our school trip really helped bring the learning to life. The children had an amazing time walking underneath a train, investigating how signal and track changes work, playing old games, dressing up as different people from the past and handling different tools and objects that would have been used to build the railway. We are so lucky that we have such a wonderful museum right on our doorstep.

We have also enjoyed learning the story of ‘The Railway Children’ and have learnt how to use a range of sentences, adjectives and emotive language within our writing.

In Maths, we have been tackling some tricky questions on multiplication and division focusing mainly on our 3, 4 and 8 times tables and the children have faced these problems head on. They have shown a huge amount of resilience this term as they have learnt a number of new methods for both multiplication and division but they all seemed to really enjoy the challenge. We will be carrying on with Multiplication and Division next term before moving on to Money.

Year 4 have been busy this term learning about natural disasters. We have completed some research on a type of natural disaster of our choice and have now written a non-chronological report, telling our audience all about our chosen disaster. We were inspired by our visit from the wonderful Freshwater Theatre Company who praised the children on their great subject knowledge. In Science we have been investigating states of matter. We know about how temperature can cause certain things to change state. We have practised reading temperature using a thermometer and we have made scientific predictions and observations to back up our ideas. Our topic of Natural Disasters will continue next term, where we will be looking at some real world examples of disasters and the impact they have in the area where they happen.

We challenged our children for Maths day to design a bird’s eye view map of Pompeii to a certain set of guidelines. We then gave them the opportunity to re-create the disaster. The children destroyed fractions of their city at a time. A process which some of them found very rewarding!
We have continued to develop our teamwork and cooperation skills through our work on the Prince William Award with Skill Force. Each week the children are getting better at working as a team and our success in the tricky team building challenges is improving.

Week beginning 18th February
Half term holiday

Monday 25th February
First day of Term 4 – All children return to school

Wednesday 27th February
2:30pm – EYFS2 Stay and Play

Tuesday 5th/Wednesday 6th/Thursday 7th March
Parents Evenings

Thursday 7th March
World Book Day

Tuesday 12th March
2:30pm – EYFS2 Stay and Play

Friday 15th March
The Great Lainesmead Comic Relief Bake Off (Cake Sale at the end of the day)

Tuesday 19th March
2:30pm – EYFS2 Stay and Play

Wednesday 20th March
Choir perform at Voice in a Million (VIAM) in Wembley Arena

Monday 1st April
2:30pm Fabulous Finish, Y4 Assembly

Lainesmead News 18.01.19

Lainesmead Primary School and Nursery’s Weekly Newsletter
Twitter: @LainesmeadSch

It has been a real pleasure being in many classrooms this week and seeing the amazing learning that has been happening across all year groups.  I was very proud to see so many children bring their work to me to celebrate their achievements as well.  Below are just a small variety of those who’ve shared their fantastic work with me.

Kate Jesse Alimu and Skylar

Thank you to all parents who attended the Phonics Workshop that we ran on Tuesday.  It was wonderful to see so many of you throughout the day showing a keen interest in your child’s education and responding so positively to the Phonics packs we have provided to help you support at home.

On Tuesday afternoon, I attended along with approximately 30 parents (and some exceptionally well behaved toddlers) the Year 1 phonic workshop. Miss Bees began by explaining what phonics is: ‘the process of hearing, reading and writing sounds’. Lainesmead is particularly proud of its phonic teaching, achieving 85% in the 2018 screening test, which is above Swindon and the national average. Miss Bees then explained how phonics is taught at Lainesmead and shared a wealth of support materials for parents to use at home including a You Tube clip designed to support parents in using ‘pure sounds’,    the Song of Sounds approach use by the school and the Phonics Play website. All of these can be found on the school website. Miss Bees went on to explain how children are tested towards the end of Year 1 on their phonic knowledge (and again in Year 2 if they do not pass in Year 1) which includes reading real words and alien: those words that can only read using phonic knowledge.  Children are regularly tested throughout the year with additional support being given if children are finding some phonics tricky. Miss Bees assured parents that they would be informed if this were the case for their child.  Indeed, after an assessment, parents will be informed of their child’s score and crucially the key phonics they need to practice. All parents left with a phonics pack of ideas and games to ensure supporting their children at home will be a fun and enjoyable experience.

Thank you to all of the parents who have been reading at home with their children.  Remember, we expect all children to read at home 5 times a week.

Reading at Home

Above is a good example of what we are looking for in our reading logs. For the younger children, we would expect a parent to fill in the log. However, older children might record in the log themselves.

When recording in the books, please remember to include:

  • The date you read and the title of the book.
  • A comment. This might include something your child likes/dislikes about the story, a comment that your child has shared with you about the story, maybe something that they needed help to do/read or some vocabulary they did not understand, a comment about an event or a character.
  • Don’t forget, to count the number of days your child reads – they will be rewarded for the nights that they read at home.

Thank you for your continued support.

You may be aware that we have a strong “army” of reading volunteers in the school.  We are extremely pleased to have the support of these adults and would like to let you know of the amazing progress the children are making as a result of the help of these additional adults.  When looking at the Reading Age of children over the Autumn Term, on average children made a whole year’s reading progress in just 4 months!  Indeed one child made 1 year and 11 months’ worth of progress between mid-September and the beginning of December.  These results are absolutely phenomenal and we would like to say a huge “THANK YOU!” to all those who offer their time for free to the school.


Last term, we placed a number of reminders of the expectations of road safety in our weekly newsletter.  You may have seen also that an article appeared in Swindon Advertiser in relation to the concerns parents and the school have regarding dangerous driving and parking around the site.  Please take time to consider the letter below, from a parent who has suffered as a result of dangerous driving.  No parent should ever have to endure this and our messages are sent out to stop this pain from being felt by a parent at Lainesmead.  Consider these words next time you stop on the double yellow lines, “Just drop off” on the zig-zag lines or speed.

Road Safety


Wednesday 23rd January
National Handwriting Day

Monday 28th January
Australia Day (Australia Class)

Wednesday 30th January
Maths Day
2:30pm – EYFS2 Stay and Play

Wednesday 30th January
Year 6 Parents SATS Workshop – 2:30pm and 6:00pm
Please note this is an amended date.  This is a must attend event.  Handouts and revision guides will only be given to those in attendance (children are welcome to attend the evening and will join parents in the afternoon)

Week beginning 4th February
E-safety week

Tuesday 5th February
Safer Internet Day

Thursday 7th February
2:30pm – EYFS2 Stay and Play sessions

Thursday 14th February
2:30pm – Fabulous Finish
Y6 Play in a day Assembly – class to be confirmed

Friday 15th February
2:30pm – Y6 Play in a day Assembly – class to be confirmed
Last day of Term 3

Week beginning 18th February
Half term holiday

Lainesmead News 11.01.19

happy new Year


Welcome back to and a Happy New Year to all our families.
This week in assembly, we started our term by considering the following question:

Assembly question

It was very humbling to hear how many of the children said their mum, dad, uncle, grandparent or another relative.  They all gave such amazing reason to explain why they want to be like them as well.  For example, ‘They are always so kind to me and I want to make sure I’m as kind as them.’ We also linked this question into looking at the achievements people have that mean we now see them as heroes, such as Rosa Parks, Sir Edmund Hillary or Simone Biles.  We discussed how many of these didn’t set out to be heroes and many had huge obstacles to overcome to achieve what they had dreamed of.  We discussed what values these heroes all had to show to achieve their goals.  This culminated with the children coming dressed as their hero today.  It was great to hear some of the children explain why they were dressed as they were, for example, “I came as the surgeon who saved my life last year!”

This week, the Year 3 children visited the computing department at New College to use some programs that are not possible in school.  They all had a fantastic time.  The other Key Stage 2 year groups will attend during the remainder of the school year.


Firstly, thank you for supporting your children with their reading at home. At Lainesmead, we believe that reading with your child is invaluable. Not only does it help your child to become a confident reader, it also helps your child to develop a love of reading, increases their vocabulary and helps your child to become more imaginative, which also helps them to become better writers. Being a good reader will also influence your child throughout their life.

“A strong reader at 10 years old will earn 21% more per hour at age 38 than someone from the same background with poor reading skills.” – 

Hooked on Books


To ensure that all children are reading at home at least 5 times a week, children’s reading logs will be monitored closely. Teachers will check reading logs each week and will keep a record of how many times your child has read at home during the week. Our policy states that this should be at least 5 times. When a child has not read at home 5 times during the week, the teacher will put a note in the log as a reminder. Usually, this reminder is enough. However, if the same thing is noted in the following weeks, your child’s teacher and then the year group leader will ask to meet with you. During this meeting, we will talk about what we can do to support you so that this reading does take place. In the final instance, you will be asked to meet with a member of our school’s senior leadership team.

Look out in the next few newsletters for helpful hints and tips about how to support your child with reading at home!



This week’s certificates went to the following children for amazing work, attitude and showing the school values:
Germany: Nikhil                                   France: Jesse
Spain: Corey                                         Iceland: Michael
Canada: Ella                                         Russia: Harry
Mexico: Kavinmukil                              South Africa: Jacob
Brazil: Macauli                                     China: Maria
New Zealand: Emily                              Australia: Kavenayan

Certificate of Excellence 11.01.19

It was a real pleasure to see so many of them share their work and talk so confidently about what they had achieved during the week, especially when it was going from not understanding something to being completely confident, such as Emily with adding fractions.

Well done to South Africa class (99.7%) and Iceland class (98.3%) for their high attendance in the last week before the Christmas holidays. Both classes rolled the dice and moved to the same reward on our ‘Class-opoly’ board – extra time with PE equipment.

We will continue to keep a very close eye on attendance this term.  We are in the process of putting together many of the ideas from the poster competition we ran before the holidays.  Look out for the results soon!

SEND Local Offer Big Day 2019 Flyer


Tuesday 15th January
Year 1 Phonics Workshops – 2:30pm and 6:00pm
This is a must attend event!  Phonics packs will be given out to all parents in attendance

Wednesday 23rd January
National Handwriting Day

Monday 28th January
Australia Day (Australia Class)

Wednesday 30th January
Whole school Maths Day

Week beginning 4th February
E-safety week

Tuesday 5th February
Safer Internet Day

Wednesday 6th February
New Zealand Day (NZ Class)

Thursday 14th February
2:30pm – Fabulous Finish


Lainesmead News 21.12.18

We have finally reached the end of a long term! This week has been as busy as the others and it has certainly been a week of Christmas cheer.
First of all, a huge well done to EYFS who completed two performances of the Nativity on Monday. They spoke so clearly and their singing certainly brought a tear to the eyes of many a parent!


The children have thoroughly enjoyed their Christmas parties this week, with time for a dance in the hall and games in the classrooms. Thank you to Chef Luann and her team for organising the party food on top of the usual lunches that were being prepared.
Finally, we ended this week with our traditional ‘Songs Around the Christmas Tree’ with children all the way from Nursery to Year 6 performing a song of their choice to the whole school. It was lovely to welcome our Nursery and Reception children to assembly. They sat beautifully throughout, showing how much progress they have made in the short time they have been at school. Finally, a huge thank you to everyone who came dressed in their Christmas Jumpers, whether decorated from home or bought, it was wonderful to see the children looking so festive!

Christmas Jumper Day

Thank you for all of your support this term and we look forward to welcoming you all back on TUESDAY 8TH JANUARY.



This week’s certificates went to the following children for amazing work, attitude and showing the school values:
Germany: Denis                          France: Noah
Spain: Kenan                               Iceland: Leo (absent)
Canada: Poppy                            Russia: Finley
Mexico: Nikhil                             South Africa: Neha
Brazil: Aloy                                  China: Kyron (absent)
New Zealand: Rodney               Australia: Lexis

certificate of excellence

Well done to Germany class (96.7%) and New Zealand class (99%). Both classes are choosing their own rewards this week.  Well done also to all the children who have 100% attendance for the term, we know that this is not always easy to achieve. They have received their treat already! At the end of every long term (the Autumn, Spring and Summer), we reward a family where every child has 100% attendance. This term the family name drawn was Pagett – Noah (Scotland) and Alba (Iceland) who have won a family cinema voucher.

Remember, even if children have been absent this term, they can still be reward in the Spring Term for their 100% attendance as we award this on a term by term basis.

As you are aware, we have been running a poster competition to encourage attendance at school.  We were delighted to announce the winners in today’s assembly and they are:
First place: Ansel (China)
Second Place: Alesha (New Zealand)
Joint third place: Tyler M/Daniel P (South Africa)
Riley G/Umar (South Africa)

We will be working on putting many of the ideas presented by the children, such as ‘School is Cool’ and ‘Attend to Achieve’ together onto one finished poster, which we will be distributing in the new year.


Monday 7TH January

Tuesday 8th January
Reception to Year 6 children return to school

Wednesday 9th January
Nursery children return

Friday 11th January
Non-school uniform day – come dressed as your hero!
50p-£1 donation

Tuesday 15th January
Year 1 Phonics Workshops – 2:30pm and 6:00pm
This is a must attend event!  Phonics packs will be given out to all parents in attendance

Wednesday 23rd January
National Handwriting Day

Monday 28th January
Australia Day (Australia Class)

Week beginning 4th February
E-safety week

The kitchen has received its first full Food Premises Inspection Report since its refurbishment in the summer.  The outcome of the inspection has been very help full and supportive but unfortunately also means our Score on the Door Rating has been reduced from the top rating of 5.  However, please be assured we regard this as a temporary measure whilst we work through the findings of the report.  We already have a plan in place taking corrective measures where needed and all points will have addressed by the later part of January.  We will then request a revisit by the Food Premises Inspection Team to again review the kitchen with all points raised having been fully addressed.
Please be assured the School Governors and I have the utmost confidence in the school kitchen and the food provided for our children.

As you will be aware from newsletters in term 1, the children have access to an online resource that supports their learning of the times tables.  The ‘Times Tables Rockstars’ program enables the children to compete against each other individually, as classes and even as houses.  Teachers are also listed on the program and it is a great incentive to many to ‘beat the teacher!’

In this week’s assembly I was delighted to hand out a number of ‘High Achievers’ certificates to children and introduce our new ‘Rock Hero’ badge to children.  These awards are for children who are regularly accessing the program in school and when at home and are earning points to achieve different stages whilst playing.  Well done to all who are playing. Here are just a few of the children with their awards.

times tables rockstars

Mrs Saxby has also been analysing which class has the most amount of regular participants (both in and outside of school).  With 94% of children regularly accessing Times Tables Rockstars the winning class is Mexico.  Well done to them as they have earnt extra playtime.

Merry Christmas

Lainesmead News 07.12.18

This week’s visit from the author/illustrator Fred Blunt was certainly a highlight for many children in the school.  Fred is an ex-pupil of Lainesmead, having attended the school as a child.

During his visit, Fred read to the whole school his new book ‘Santa Claus vs the Easter Bunny’ which the children enjoyed immensely.  Fred then also spent time in Years 2, 3 and 4 conducting a drawing workshop which inspired children and adults alike.  In fact, there has been a lot of ‘bunny’ drawings appearing since his visit!

We are delighted to host such events as this and it is always so worthwhile to show the amazing things than are being achieved by ex-pupils of the school.  Do get in touch if you know of anyone else who can make such a visit.

47572837_422536681616570_8155294913940946944_n fred blunt

This week at our curriculum meeting, we began with a presentation from Miss Griffiths on the computing curriculum. Although Miss Griffiths feels we can adequately resource computing lessons, Lainesmead is always looking for ways to fund new equipment, especially as the world of computing moves on so quickly! This is an issue that Emma Conduit-Adams (Computing link governor) is already exploring. I had asked through the newsletter for parents to talk to or email any governor if they had any strong feelings regarding homework generally. As no opinions were forthcoming, we have assumed parents to be happy with the current policy as were the parent governors in attendance at the meeting. Lainesmead tries to strike a balance between supporting parents to help children at home and not intruding on valuable family time. We hope you feel this balance has been struck. We also reviewed and challenged a number of policies, including Modern Foreign Languages. We will be receiving a presentation on this in Term 6. As usual, the minutes will be published on the website shortly.

This week’s certificates went to the following children for amazing work, attitude and showing the school values:
Germany: Riley                                    France: Jagdeep
Spain: Evie-Mai                                    Iceland: James
Canada: Olivia                                      Russia: Bobby
Mexico: Kallum                                     South Africa: Laura
Brazil: Kathiravan                                China: Connor
New Zealand: Nicole                            Australia: Brian

Certificate of Excellence

Well done also to Iceland (98%) and Mexico (98.6%). Iceland landed on ‘Chance’ on our Classopoly board which means that they are able to make a class choice on their reward.  Mexico landed on free time with the PE equipment.

As you may be aware, every year we are fortunate to be provided with 6 weeks’ worth of ballet tuition in Year 3 through the Royal Ballet School.  From this children are identified to a final identification workshop, which took place last week.  We were delighted to learn that the following children have been invited to join the Primary Steps after-school class starting in January:

  • Shane Colley-Moore
  • Christopher Kujawski
  • Finley Byrne
  • Maddison Edwards
  • Kayla Rowland
  • Keira Lambert

A huge well done to all of the children.  I am sure they will all enjoy this amazing opportunity and thrive in their learning of dance form.

In every lesson, our teachers are making assessments of the children to decide whether or not they have successfully learned what has been taught. This ongoing monitoring also helps us them make a judgement about how well the children are learning their year group curriculum. As well as this, throughout the year we have Assessment Weeks, when the children complete more formal assessments (tests). Teachers use the results of these, together with their knowledge about the children’s learning in lessons, to decide if each child is meeting the year group expectations or not.

This year we have introduced a new test made by the National Foundation for Educational Research (NFER). These test are designed to get progressively harder across the year, giving us a more accurate picture of how children are achieving in the autumn and spring terms. Teachers will also use the tests to identify key objectives to cover for classes, groups and individuals.

Teachers will share with you how your child is attaining and progressing at the parents’ evening in Term 4.

This week, we have been notified of the fantastic swimming achievements of two of our children, namely Lily Hazell and Amy Simms, both in Year 5.

Lily, competing for Swindon Dolphins, swam 8 races in total and won a medal in every race! These included 3 golds (200m individual medley, 100m breastroke, and 50 m breaststroke), 3 silvers (200m freestyle, 100m freestyle and 50m butterfly) and 2 bronze medals (100m individual medley and 50m freestyle). Huge congratulations to Lily.

046b9ecc8f13b29d-photo 1f7ae0d8fa5ed3f7-photo

Amy won the award from her swimming club (Tigersharks ASC) as Squad Swimmer of the Year Junior Potential. In addition to this, Amy achieved personal best times in all 10 of the events she was entered in, including the 400m freestyle.  She won a gold, silver and two bronze medals in the 10 year age category which she has only recently moved into.  Well done to Amy.#

Amy with her medals IMG-20181110-WA0001

This week our school council discussed why is attendance important. They have also launched a new poster competition on this topic. All poster design on this topic should be handed in to Mrs Chapman by 19.12.18.  A lucky winner will be announced in the last week of term and win a special prize.

Friday 7th December
Christmas Fair – 3:15pm – 5:00pm

Tuesday 11th December
Fabulous Finish – Year 5 Assembly

Wednesday 12th December
Christmas Dinner Day – please note that no more bookings can be made for this.  If you have not booked, please ensure that you provide your child with a packed lunch.

Friday 14th December
1:30pm – KS1 Carol Service in Christ Church

Monday 17th December
EYFS Nativity in school (am and pm performances) – EYFS parents please see separate letter sent out previously

Tuesday 18th December
EYFS Christmas Party
School Christmas Disco

Wednesday 19th December
KS1 Christmas Party

Thursday 20th December
KS2 Christmas Party

Friday 21st December
Christmas Jumper Competition Day.
50p-£1 Donation will be given to Save the Children.
Last day of term.  Christmas Crafts at 2pm.  School finishes at 2:30pm

save the children jumper day

** Prime Theatre are searching for enthusiastic young people to take part in Swindon’s Young Arts Showcase! **

Prime Theatre are excited to be organising Swindon’s 4th annual Young Arts Showcase, funded by Friends of Swindon Arts Centre, taking place on Sunday 27th January 2019. The Young Arts Showcase is designed to give young people an opportunity to showcase their talent at a professional venue – be that singing, painting, poetry, comedy, film, dance or something we’ve never seen before!

If you are aged 5-25 and have a skill or passion you’d like to share, we’d love to hear from you. No prior performance experience is necessary, it’s all about having a go.

For this year’s showcase we are theming the evening around the colour RED. You are free to interpret and use this theme however you like, or you can ignore it entirely, it’s up to you! Performances can last up to 5 minutes. If your work is an object (i.e. a painting) it will be exhibited for the duration of the evening.

Previous showcases have featured singers, poets, media make-up artists, sign language choirs, art exhibitions, dance and much more.

“It’s brilliant this event is happening again. Last year was so fun to be a part of and I’m sure a whole new group of young people will really enjoy being involved this time round.”

Daisy Jesson, previous participant.

If you are interested in taking part please contact either Helen Morley or Ellis Evason at You can also ring us on 01793 614864 for more details. For more information about Prime Theatre visit

All applications should be submitted by 17th December 2018.

Lainesmead News 30.11.18

Lainesmead Primary School and Nursery’s Weekly Newsletter
Twitter: @LainesmeadSch

At the end of last week, Year 2 were visited by Mark Sutton, from Swindon Heritage Society. He spoke to the children about local soldiers who had fought in World War 1 as well as showing them many artefacts from this period.  In fact he was so impressed her tweeted the following:


On Tuesday the Year 5 children enjoyed a fantastic trip to ‘We are curious’ (previously @Bristol). They applied what they have been learning in Science as well as having a fantastic hands-on science day.  A particular highlight has to be the Planetarium visit.

Also on Tuesday, the Swindon Borough Council Tommy silhouette arrived in school.  The children thoughtfully added their piece of material to our giant poppy with it taking shape gradually throughout the day.  It was such a pleasure to see how it developed and ‘grew’ as the day went on and how it was a fitting tribute to those who have been killed or injured in conflict around the world.


On Tuesday evening, 3 governors attended Governor and Clerks briefing, run by the local authority. As well as safeguarding updates, we had a presentation about Swindon as a learning Town which is a project designed to promote lifelong learning. They have a website,, which can be accessed to find out information on a wide range of learning options (0-90)! For governors though, the changes to Ofsted were the most important part of the presentation. The new framework (due September 2019) stresses the importance of a broad and balanced curriculum and stems from the worry that too many schools teach a narrow curriculum focused on end of key stage tests. This has never been the policy at Lainesmead, although we do of course ensure children are well prepared for the tests they face. It also stresses the vast amount of knowledge and vocabulary children are expected to remember. This is one area where parents can make a real contribution to their children’s education.

This week’s certificates went to the following children for amazing work, attitude and showing the school values:
Germany:                                   France: Phoebe
Spain: James                             Iceland: Roliana
Canada: Gabriel                         Russia:  Luke
Mexico: Lila                               South Africa: Jacob
Brazil: Zunaid                             China: Varshan
New Zealand: Kieran                 Australia: Evie-Marie

Certificate of Excellence 30.11.18

Well done also to Iceland and Australia who both achieved 97.7% attendance last week.  Iceland landed on ‘Free Parking’ and await an award.  Australia landed on free time with the PE equipment.

Last week, at an area PE Conference, Mr Tew was the first PE Leader and school in Wiltshire to be awarded with a REAL Legacy certificate.  REAL Legacy is an ambitious two-year programme, personalised for your school to make a real difference and create a real legacy for EVERY child in relation to their health and wellbeing.

Real PE (1)

Linking back to last week’s attendance information, this poster has been produced to show the long term effects of non-attendance on achievement:


Wednesday 5th December
Local Author, Fred Blunt, visiting the school.  Drawing workshops in Years 2, 3 and 4

Friday 7th December
Christmas Fair – 3:15pm – 5:00pm

Tuesday 11th December
Fabulous Finish – Year 5 Assembly

Wednesday 12th December
Christmas Dinner Day

Friday 14th December
KS1 Carol Service in Christ Church

Monday 17th December
EYFS Nativity in school (am and pm performances)

Tuesday 18th December
EYFS Christmas Party
School Christmas Disco

Wednesday 19th December
KS1 Christmas Party

Thursday 20th December
KS2 Christmas Party

Friday 21st December
Christmas Jumper Competition Day
Last day of term.  Christmas Crafts at 2pm.  School finishes at 2:30pm

As a school we have run a number of charitable donations during the Autumn term.  So far we have raised the following:
Jeans for Genes day: £190.65
Children in Need: £154
British Legion Poppy Appeal: £313.80
Many thanks to everyone for your generous donations towards these charities.

Christmas Fete


Lawn Manor Christmas Fayre